Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekend Notes 1/19/2015

I had an unofficial New Year's Resolution to post three times a week which I've already failed. But I'm going to take the mindset of every week is a new week and keep trying. :D

I also had a New Year's Resolution to start listening to podcasts and audio stuff more. I've never been very good at it...I just tune things out. But I feel like this would be a good ability/skill to work on. So I started with Serial because I knew I'd need something really good, something a lot of people liked, to get started. And I while I did have to rewind a lot because I spaced or got distracted with actual work, I did blow through it in one week. It's right up my alley---a true crime podcast...but told in multiple segments so as to be addictive. The mixture of real life interviews, the music, the overall outstanding production quality made it especially enjoyable. I liked it a lot and I'm excited there will be another season. I also found it kind of frustrating and revealing. Without uncovering any new evidence, nothing is ever going to change. But it sure feels like the case was mishandled--at least from the defense?--to begin with. But maybe most frustrating is realizing you can never know the truth! Anyway, I read a few interviews with family members, etc. afterwards and it was interesting. And how crazy that a podcast could be so popular, idek. Anyway, I don't know what to listen to next! I've read several lists of suggestions, but I'm not sure any of them are really calling my name, woe.

You may have heard about the Academy Awards and how the movie Selma was mostly snubbed. I should note that I haven't seen really any of the nominees, but I did want to see Selma and so I went this weekend. It's really good, everyone. See this movie. It's a great film. It manages to accomplish what I feel like is really hard for historical pieces by making the setting feel vibrant and alive and believable. Everyone felt real, it felt urgent, and it felt like now in a really raw way that I don't know how to explain. The acting was all GREAT, the violence was surprising and uncomfortable, but necessary. It also really challenged me personally. I'm amazed at people who fight for freedom and their convictions in such a real physical way. (by physical I mean--putting themselves in harms way, not punching or something). I just really liked it so much. And yes it's timely and relevant, of course it is. One thing I have to note is that I read someone argue it was the most Christian film of the year, so I was curious if I'd also find it satisfying from the perspective of *faith* And I don't know that I agree. Yes, there's an obvious depiction of a man struggling with whether or not what he's doing is right and multiple people of faith who join the struggle, but I also felt..I don't even know how to explain it, but like the film was in a way trying to distance itself from any sense of *endorsing* Christian faith. It was in subtle things, like when one character says, "I'm not talking about the Bible, but common sense" (paraphrase) and an obvious effort to demonstrate that people of many faiths joined the march. I'm not saying this as something against the was more like a feeling than anything else, but I wanted to note it. Maybe it's an example of someone presenting something respectfully they don't believe themselves?

I also caught up on a few movies that were lingering on my "want to watch" list because they were adaptations of books I've read.
The Maze Runner--Boring tbh. It also seemed faithful to the book from what I remember but it's been awhile. I guess the casting was okay? But man is this ever a BOY film. By which I mean, there are barely any girls in it.

The 100 Foot Journey--I barely remember this book, I didn't like it much from what I recall. But the movie was sweet and charming and had lots of pretty food and just overall pleasant--a rarity these days you know. Recommended!

Gone Girl--I did like this quite a bit, but I found the score incredibly distracting. I remember wondering at the time if Gone Girl as a film would be as interesting as the book--the surprise is all gone you know? And I have to conclude reading the book was more enjoyable for me. I did like the movie and it seemed very faithful as it should with Gillian Flynn adapting it and well cast as well.

How are things going for all of you? Any podcast suggestions?


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