Sunday, December 7, 2014


Hi everyone!

I feel like it's been a really long time since I just wrote a "hey, how's it going post" The reason is that I think once you fall out of the regular rhythm of blogging it's really hard to get it back? I'm really thankful for anything I've agreed to do as far as giveaways and scheduled posts because it's kept me up to date. The other thing is that I keep thinking--I'll blog about xyz once I've blogged about such and such and then never get around to writing the original post.

I have to admit that my own blog reading has also been sporadic, for which I apologize. My reading has been way down across the board this year, and yet I still have reviews to write! While I'm watching and enjoying TV there hasn't been a lot that I've wanted to write about in any depth. It's just been a strange year or maybe I'm just getting older, I don't exactly know.

So one of the things I kept meaning to write about was The Walking Dead mid-season finale. I was pretty sure Beth was going to die, because while I don't obsessively follow spoilers, I do track a few TWD tags on tumblr and this stuff just seeps out. Word was that Emily Kinney hadn't been seen filming for awhile, so her death was suspected. I hated it so much, though? Like, I'm almost always sad when someone dies but sometimes it feels like a huge waste of character more than others. Like I would never say a show has to kill anyone off, but like Hershel's death--while awful and sad felt less like a waste--Hershel had some years on him, and he had some troubles, i.e. his leg. But Beth felt so much like she was just beginning to come into her own as a character. I really admire what the show did with her in the second half of the season last year, but then the way things went down at the hospital just angered me. And I will never forgive them for Andrea's death.

The show is too packed with characters and so some have had to go. I get it. Still makes me sad. On the whole, I liked the first part of the season much more than some other fan reactions I've seen, although yes there was too little Michonne, too little Rosita, etc. Hopefully, that will be fixed. I think the lack of Michonne really did give me less of an emotional investment in the first half of the season and all I had was tied up in Beth which made her death that much more crushing. Pretty sure the show will never succeed in getting me to care about Abraham.

In other news, I'm reading about three different books right now and gearing up for the holidays! I'd love to hear how you are all doing and what you are up to! Hopefully I will manage to finish reviewing books and write some year end thoughts before 2015 :)


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