Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Evergreen by Susan May Warren

Tis the season, guys!!!! Tis the season!!!

I unashamedly adore Christmas books but ever since I've had a book blog, I find it hard to review them. Publishers want reviews of anything new in October-ish when the books come out--which well at that time I want to be reading spooky stuff, plus there's always a slew of Big Fall Books. I'm usually more in the mood around, lol, December 20th, but then there's no time to write about stuff! But this year I've just given in. I'm already indulging in Hallmark's Christmas movies and happily reading Christmas books, I've had numerous Peppermint Mochas, etc.

Susan May Warren remains a go to author for me for comfort reads and Evergreen is no different. This is a novella...not a full length book and it does fit in another series she's already writing but it's not necessary to have read those books--I haven't! At most, it gives you a few teasers for them.

Ingrid Christensen is dreading the upcoming holidays since her children won't be home, and her husband has ideas about how to take her mind off that and give her a wonderful holiday, but despite his efforts, every idea he has only drives a wedge between them. Meanwhile, her nephew has come to live them and she must plan the live nativity against incredible odds. Will there be any merry Christmas for Ingrid and John?

This is very much a marriage story and I appreciated it as such. Ingrid and John have their own individual hurts they are holding onto and they must let go and come together. I have to admit, there was a part of me that was like "you've been hanging on to THAT?" when Ingrid's hurt was revealed, but really there are so many reasons we have pain in our lives and I think one thing I appreciated about this book is that it was a sort of ignored resentment that bubbled to the surface at once and was closely connected to a pain I felt much more...understandable. (it's not that Ingrid being upset didn't make sense, it's just that she's so abundantly blessed beyond what many have in this certain area that it seemed like a self indulgent pain--it's hard to explain without spoilers) I also like that these characters are flawed and far from perfect...but a warmth permeates the book anyway.

This is a fall leads up to Christmas kind of story and also a lovely one! WARNING THOUGH, I feel while maybe considered spoilery, necessary--sad dog stuff :( I cried.

I received a copy of this to review. I recommend it as a warm, Christian fiction, Christmas novella.


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