Monday, September 1, 2014

September is here!

I am so happy even though it is still hot here and will remain hot for some time to come.

I very happily pulled out all my apple fragrances today and will be cheerfully using them throughout the season. YAY FALL.

Also, here on September first the Cardinals finally took sole possession of first place in their division and if you look at the stats it seems unlikely, but it is and so yay. Who knows if they will manage to hold on in this last month, but I have hope! Some of our key injured players are returning so there is reason to hope, if you know what I mean.

Also in September besides it being the last month of regular season baseball, the figure skating season kicks off with international senior B competitions and I'm excited for that! I've been paying some attention to junior competition but it's not the same so. The year after the Olympics, particularly this past Olympics is very exciting because there are lots of retirements and skaters will be fighting to establish themselves as the top contenders. Skating is really a four year narrative and so now is a GREAT time to suddenly get invested and join me in reblogging gifs or pretty people in silly costumes, okay?

AND, some fall TV starts though mostly not anything I'm particularly interested in. I will watch Syfy's new zombie show though when I watched the trailer, I was like...this looks like the show all the people who have never watched The Walking Dead think The Walking Dead is. Basically meaningless blood and guts. I mean TWD has a pretty big budget, but it's also a character drama with great acting and writing (I'm so tired of feeling like an apologist for this show or supressing the fact that you know what, I actually just love it unqualified). Most stuff seems to come on in October.

October is going to be even more awesome, I guess, but hey it's September now!

So I had to wander on over to Carl's blog to see if R.I.P. info was up and of course it was and it made me so happy. It's so nice to have small constants like that in this blogging world where everything changes all the time. I will try to follow along with what everyone's reading and maybe try this week to make a list of spooky books I would like to read.

Finally, I am so sorry that I was a terrible host for the zombie book club. I do hope to get caught up and post a massive discussion post.

Have a wonderful September everyone!


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