Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Few Things

First of all, sorry I never updated about the readathon! I'm terrible at the internet these days. But I did enjoy it so much, I wish I could readathon everyday! Sort of, I mean it would be great to have more time to read. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and cheered. And of course wow to the organizers, I know these sorts of events are intense to pull off, and you all did such a great job. Congrats on making a fun weekend for readers. :)

I want to chat quickly about Orphan Black.

How do you guys feel about the way Helena survived? I can't decide if it's better or worse than the popular speculation that she had special healing powers.

Also, omg Alison. She sort of is this show to me, I mean I enjoy all the characters, but I love Alison. I am so jealous of Felix for her, I really wish they could clone him tbh, of course he'll go with Sarah and Kira, but I wish he could stay with Alison. I just don't think anyone else really cares about her in quite the same way. (I like Cosima, but I don't know that Cosima really cares about Alison :() I was all heartbroken when she was heartbroken. I'm worried for her. And it's not just, you know, worried for her, but also before the season started the show was all "Alison leads to so much fun," and I resent them talking about her like she's the brunt of some joke. Ugh. Like, Sarah and Cosima's concerns are somehow more weighted, serious, and real, and she's just the silly suburban mom. I can't say that I feel like the text itself is reacting that way--and it might be too much if they treated Aynsley's death more seriously, but...IDK.

Also, whoa what's up with Mrs. S?

And I finally caught up with Parks and Recreation, I was really behind! I loved the back half of the season, a lot, tbh. It made me cry a lot, and also reminded me why I love the show...it just makes me feel good. I enjoy it's gentle and generous spirit. I also loved the episodes about Leslie dealing with Ann leaving...like, I like that they just moved, because that's something I can realllllly relate to. (you know instead of a dramatic death or something), I just really felt those episodes. It's nice to find so much of the stuff of life in shows like that sometimes. And lol @ the season finale, tbh! Bold!

Finally, do you guys remember this tumblr project? The idea was to capture instances where, well, books and TV collide. The people I started it with got too busy to continue, though, so it's sort of fallen to me. I can't decide if I'd like to keep it up or not. Part of me would--I think about it everytime I see books on TV or hear a literary reference. And you know what? THEY HAPPEN A LOT. It's sort of fun, to pick them out when you watch. It's less fun to hunt down screencaps of the show, and obviously I can't make gifs or anything.

Anyway, I was thinking if maybe a few other people would be interested in helping to keep it active it might be worth continuing? I think it would be ideal to have at least 2-3 posts a week. I think if you watch enough TV to catch something once a week that's all that would really be needed. And I think that shouldn't take too much time? And I'd be open to brainstorming other ideas and stuff! The main thing is that if you volunteer it would be awesome if you were really into it and wanted to do it and it would be something we could have fun with :) So if anyone is interested please email me at mypalamy@gmail.com If no one emails, I'll know it's not meant to be.

Okay, I am going to try really hard to have book reviews for this week! I have so many books I want to share!


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