Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale

I loved it!!!!!!

First of all, no one we loved died!!!! Yay for surprising season finales with high stakes and no deaths of major characters.

Also, this episode had so much great stuff for my favorite characters--Rick, Michonne, and Carl that obviously I was going to love it.

And aw we got to see Hershel again :')

I actually liked the way the show intercut the scenes of how Hershel tried to get Rick to believe in the idea of the farm with the raw brutality of the episode. It was a really nice way to show how both things can exist inside of one person. This struggle of Rick's has defined the show and it was just brought to such a lovely and gorgeous climax here (okay those might be really pretty words for an episode where he tore someone's throat out) but seriously--his acceptance of that, Carl's fear of it inside himself, Michonne letting Carl know "hey everyone is actually like this." It was just pretty fantastic.

Lol why did Daryl say Beth was just gone? I mean he knows she was taken right? That was odd.

Loved the time motif, too, because seriously that has to be one of the biggest struggles in harsh survival. All you really have is the right now. But it's human nature to be thinking of the future, to be trying to hold on to something when it's good. I'm so guilty of this myself! So I don't know it was all pretty cool plus their own time was running out....

When Rick was explaining how the trap worked to Carl at the beginning, I was TERMINUS. And sure enough. I think, the show made it fairly clear right? They are eating people. Luring them in and eating them. And it makes sense. The show might have been a little heavy handed on how hungry they were beforehand but I guess they needed to make up for lost time. People are hungry. They might eat other people. This was a part of the movie The Road, and so it really doesn't surprise me at all. Always glad when the show reminds us Rick was a sheriff and has pretty good instincts and skills of observation. Just too bad they ever believed it might be anything other than a trap. It will be interesting to see what happens next season!

Okay as a die hard Richonne shipper I just want to gush about how PERFECT THEIR EVERY MOMENT WAS, but mainly I'll just say I loved the conversation when Rick asked Michonne if she was okay and she's like yeah and oh btw I know you are, too. I love that he touched base with her, I love that he volunteered to her he was okay, but that she didn't need him to. No one knows Rick Grimes like Michonne does, I'm telling you! Ugh, they are so perfect. Also the Michonne and Carl of it all was beyond perfect.

I'm so excited for next season! But such a long wait, boo. WHAT WILL WE DO?


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