Tuesday, March 11, 2014

It's Time to Have a Very Important Discussion about The Walking Dead

So, you all know The Walking Dead is my favorite show and I like to talk about it, etc. But I'm a little bit different than the majority of the fandom because Daryl Dixon is not my favorite character. I don't dislike him, in fact, I have really enjoyed his arc, but I'm not in love with him the same way so many fans seem to be (of the "Daryl dies we riot group, etc) It's hardly surprising, I almost always am more interested in female characters although Rick on this very show is the exception, of course.

ANYWAY. I have never really ~shipped (rooted for) Daryl and Carol as a couple despite their popularity. Again, it's not that I couldn't see the appeal--they had a lot of really touching moments and I think Carol was the first one to really draw out Daryl's softer side. So I totally get why people shipped them, I just wasn't one of them.

I did think back in the season premiere, however, that Daryl's arc for the season might be falling in love. And the person he had key moments with in the season premiere was Beth.

Now back when I thought this show might be setting up a Rick/Beth romance (due to some oddly shot promo footage, lol) I was traumatized. I'm not sure how old Beth is supposed to be on the show (okay 18, whew the show can go there lol), but in my opinion way too young for Rick! Plus, didn't CARL have a crush on her? I mean... (Also I've been shipping Rick/Michonne since Lori died, so...) But, I felt like the show might go there with Daryl and Beth. And then we got these episodes where they have been split up and they were, in my opinion, full of shipper bait. (which is kinda weird for this show, like the Daryl/Beth stuff was wayyyyy shippier than the Bob/Sasha stuff, like usually the show sets up its actual romances very clumsily, i.e. Maggie propositioning Glenn right off the bat, etc.)

OR WAS IT? I mean he carried her!! (like over the threshold) they held hands! he basically said she was the reason he believed there were good people in the world! he liked her singing!

Or...was it supposed to be a father/daughter vibe? They stood at a father's grave. He gave her a piggyback ride? I mean WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO BE FEELING?

For the record, I had alllll the shippy feels which I did not expect at all. I was sort of creeped out by it at first since he's so much older than her, but their scenes were sweet. And a relationship with Beth would come with none of the baggage one with Carol would. From Beth's perspective, Daryl's a survivor and could protect her. He's changed a lot and he was totally open with her. The age difference is not such a big deal in an apocalyptic world (one of my favorite zombie novels, The Reapers are the Angels reallllly goes there)

Anyway how did you guys feel about it? I do think it's funny that someone on here said they thought they put Daryl with Beth so we would start caring about Beth because I think it probably worked.

BUT OMG WHAT HAPPENED TO HER? I have a dread fear of cannibals, to be honest. Also, she's young and blonde and well...female. UGH, it's like Lorena getting kidnapped in Lonesome Dove. Also, do you think Daryl is just biding his time with this new group of thugs or is he going to revert? I mean he's in a lot of pain and this is the true test of everything he's learned and the ways he's changed. It's just not a good situation for him to be in.

And even though I suspect there is still no Rick/Michonne/Carl next week, I am REALLY excited for next week's episode! Tyreese, Carol, and the little girls!!!!! Yessss.

Tell me all your thoughts!!!!


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