Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Looking forward to 2014! Some Stuff I Watched! Etc.

So it's now 2014, yay! I feel all ambitious and excited like this is going to be my perfect year. Let's see how long that lasts. But seriously, I used to hate New Year's Eve and New Year's and this year I really welcomed it, because I feel some personal energy in my life.

I can't really do a list of books I'm looking forward to in 2014, because I don't really know what's coming out! For shame, I know. I have read 3 2014 releases already, though! Feel free to give me some recs! Tell me what's coming out!

But there are a few other things I'm looking forward to! Like, I'm looking forward to all the TV of my life returning soon. Seriously, it's ridic. I'm looking forward to new shows, too! Bitten (girl wolf, yes! Plus, Jill loved the book!) Resurrection (I finally finished the book it's based on), About a Boy (I rewatched the movie over the holiday), Those Who Kill (based on a Danish show I haven't watched, plus I loooove the teaser!), and THE STRAIN YAY (I know this is technically about vampires but they are more like zombie-ish vampires right? I don't know I think I only got 30 pages into the book. But whatever, I AM EXCITED)

My returning shows are all worth getting excited over, too! The three from the fall carrying over: The Good Wife, The Originals, and OF COURSE The Walking Dead. Plus! The Fosters, Switched at Birth, Hannibal, The Americans, Bates Motel, Orphan Black, and at some point Rectify? I feel like I'm forgetting something, hmm. Lol, I will also check out 24's revival--I used to love the show quite a lot?

ADD TO ALL OF THAT THE OLYMPICS. February will be crazy for TV and the truth of the matter is some of this may have to be stockpiled for later. I just have a really busy winter/spring coming up with a lot on my plate. But it's nice to think I'll have some great stuff to look forward to in my downtime!

I'm not sure what movies are coming out, but I will probably see Winter's Tale (remember when I hosted a readalong for that and failed out of it? I'm not sure the movie is um all that faithful to the book, but the actress that was Sybil on Downton Abbey is in it!), I'm curious about Million Dollar Arm (baseball movie with Jon Hamm! He should be in all baseball movies because he is a Cardinals fan!), and obviously I'm looking forward to Gone Girl! Oh and Serena because I love Susanne Bier, LOVE. And The Fault in Our Stars! Does Dark Places come out this year? Is there a good list of all the literary adaptations coming out this year? Please notice this list does not include any super hero movies. I am so done with them!

General life goals! I want to throw away all my stuff. Lol, kidding a little, but I do really want to get rid of a lot of stuff. I want to try to be as generous a person as possible while also employing good boundaries. I want to be a little kinder than I have to be (thanks We Were Liars) and I want to be curious and willing to work. And I want to take time to appreciate people, and I want to keep this blog going.

Stuff I Watched!

I feel like I crammed in a bunch of 2013 movies right at the end of the year and for the most part--nothing to say. I watched two big sci-fi action movies: Elysium and Pacific Rim. My favorite parts of both of these movies were the beginnings where the world is set-up and then they both sort of descended into snoozeville for me. Even with Elysium's obvious messages it just felt really hollow at the core. And I was sorry I didn't like Pacific Rim more since it was loved by quite a few of you, but I guess it was better in the theater. Like I remember Jodie said World War Z fell really flat after Pacific Rim, but to be honest I preferred World War Z. Which I saw in theater which could be why-- or could be because I just prefer zombies as a threat? I don't really know.

I also watched The Purge which I've been really curious about despite the overwhelmingly negative reviews. Man what an absolutely fascinating concept, I just could not stop thinking about it. Have any of you watched it? It's true that the movie becomes nothing more than a violent survival flick, but eh who cares when its premise gives you so much to think about! The idea is that crime and unemployment have become really low due to the government allowing one 12 hour period a year where crime is legal (including murder). No police, no emergency services etc. Society purges themselves of hatred, etc. and it allows the society to be generally peaceful the rest of the year. (the obvious connection to make is that the poor are killed off during the purge and that's the reason? I don't know) So rich people are at an advantage with being able to protect their homes. It's interesting to contemplate if something like that could work on a psychological level (practically I don't think it could) if the legality of it eases the guilt, etc.

And I finally watched Before Midnight WHICH I LOVED SO MUCH. I think it's my favorite installment--probably because it is about one of my favorite things--knowing and loving another person. Like REALLY. Not romanticized, lol. Also, it was just really rich in terms of things to pull apart and think about. Just really fantastic imo!

Also, the Nikita finale! Aw it was so great! I loved the resolution to the series themes so much and the final scene was PERFECT. ♥


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