Sunday, December 8, 2013

Brief Thoughts on Borgen Season 3

I have watched the last episode of Borgen :(

The sad face is only because it's over, though, and not because it wasn't WONDERFUL. It was wonderful. What a great show. How glad I am that I listened to Jodie and Jace Lacob (whose taste seems to have gone downhill lately) and watched this political show from Denmark.


The third season was so different from the first two in a way...and thinking over it, I really think it was a nice way to finish up Birgitte's overall arc for the show. It also made the show fresh and exciting to have her creating a new political party--there were big stakes involved and it gave us a chance to explore the creation of a people come together and settle on shared ideals and avoid corruption, etc. And we had a reason to believe in Birgitte all over again, as she fought for her ideals. And of course it was also exciting to watch Katrine handle the new role of media advisor for the new party. And we got to explore the interesting dynamic of how the news gets told/made and what influence it has on politics.

I did miss Kasper being a bigger part of the show and I do wonder what they would have done differently if the actor had been available more? Ah well. Torben's role was interesting, I guess, as an exploration of a man past his younger years trying to keep up the industry's changes. His affair with Pia made me so sad, though. It's like the big trend on TV is so called "strong female characters" and weak male characters, lol.

Anyway! I want to talk about the finale because I thought it was so great. I loved loved loved the parallel of Birgitte going into her new government with her new family after her victory! (I loved Jeremy btw!) oh and going back to the beginning of the episode, how great is Sidse Babett Knudsen?? She did that tremendous acting job over her lump in English! I liked that Birgitte had another meeting with Bent by the the dark, when they weren't running. And I loved that she decided not to take the offered Prime Minister position back because it wasn't the best thing for the country and would clash with her new party's ideals. It was a resolution to the teased conflict throughout the series of both her love of power and desire to make a difference...she ultimately decided on making a difference and doing the best thing for her country..using her life to fight for something she loved. Aw, Birgitte. And aw show with your optimism.

The last line was fitting and this episode felt very much like a conclusion. What a great show Borgen was! I hope to rewatch the series when time it's not like I'm done talking about it forever, but if anyone else wants to chime in, I'd love that!


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