Monday, December 30, 2013

2013--It's Over

Writing end of the year posts always used to be my favorite but this year I read so few books (only 45) and I feel like I've already gone on and on about the stuff I liked that I don't really know what to say! But here are a few brief thoughts:

I read a lot of crime fiction this year and loved it. Reconstructing Amelia. The Next Time You See Me. The Never List. I read War & Peace and three Matthew Quick novels. There were very few books I didn't like. And yet, there is a massive list of books I wanted to read and didn't get to.

I also watched a lot of crime drama, all very good. The Killing. Top of the Lake. Broadchurch. Even Rectify. I watched a lot of TV shows tbh but most of them have 6-13 episodes so it's not that much really. So many great discoveries, most of them coming back soon, yay.

The past few days I've blogged a ton and really enjoyed it. The traffic is so low right now because of the holidays but so many of my old blogging friends have been putting up posts and it's FUN. I let go of huge projects. BBAW. The Inspys. I think that allows me to just enjoy writing posts again.

Movies and Music...

I barely saw any or listened to anything new!

So...that's my year in very very brief. I feel that blogging fervor of the past few days dying down, but I'm sure I'll try to get up some sort of looking forward to 2014 post in the next few days. And I'll see you soon. Have the best year ever, friends.


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