Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Sister Season by Jennifer Scott

This book arrived in the mail with a pretty cover which immediately made it appealing. But then I flipped through it and realized Jennifer Scott is Jennifer Brown and it flew to the top of my list.

The Yancey sisters are gathering at home near Christmas because their father has died. They haven't seen each other in a long while, but they want to support their mother during this time. As soon as they are all under the same roof, though, tensions rise.

This book is set at Christmas but don't worry about it being too much of a Christmas story. It's heavy and sad and each character has a lot to work through. The focus is on these relationships and the odd sense of grief that hangs over them more than it's about the holiday in anyway though that does factor into the background.

Each character gets point of view chapters which works pretty well, since you're never sure what the truth is of something that happened. And as is typical for family dramas, they make a lot of bad choices that lead to misunderstanding.

I really did feel so sympathetic for the sisters and I felt I was able to understand where each of them were coming from. The book kept me turning the pages at a rapid rate and led to a dramatic and emotionally satisfying conclusion!

Review copy received from publisher!


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