Monday, October 28, 2013

Parasite by Mira Grant

I really enjoyed Mira Grant's Newflesh trilogy, especially the world building. (I was reading a comment from a disgruntled viewer of The Walking Dead about how people would start to rebuild by this point, and I think these books are for them!!)

So I was excited for her new trilogy about parasites, wooo! And I really liked it!

What I like about Parasite is that like Feed, it's based on modern science and the complete unreliability of business and science mixed together when it comes to ethics. And that makes it really terrifying, because even if we don't all have tapeworms in us boosting our immune systems, we might one day buy into the idea that it's a good plan.

I feel like saying too much about the book will...give things away. So I'll go with this.

It's quick moving, can't put it down, heart pounding, reading. I think Grant has honed her craft a bit...there's less exposition, but just as much believable world building. The result is that Parasite never bogs down under the weight of information and when it really gets going, it speeds along.

You might have a good idea of things before the characters do, but it doesn't matter because all revelations are perfectly timed.

Basically, I just really recommend this book because it's fun, it's fabulous, it has its own measure of terror, and when I was finished I was dying for the next installment. I think I might even like it better than Feed, which is really saying something because Feed had zombies.

And to wrap up this basically gushing review, please tell me--would you get a tape worm if it meant no more allergies, no more disease, etc?

PS--Don't look up Parasite on google images without adding Mira Grant!

PPS--I read a complimentary egalley!


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