Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Lit On TV

So those of you who read this blog and know me, know that I love both books and TV.

I really love when these two things intersect. I was a total geek about the massive amounts of literary love Lost had and I read two books for Gossip Girl of all shows. The fastest way to my heart is to be a lover of these two things as well, I guess!

Well now I have an outlet for all that um enthusiasm! I'm helping with a tumblr called Lit on TV which is a tumblr devoted to showcasing what happens when books and TV collide.

It's not just showing characters reading (though that's a huge part of it), but also capturing references and allusions to literary works. It's super fun! And it can be kind of surprising how much it actually happens.

We really need your help, though! If you are on tumblr, please follow us! We need followers and I'm not afraid to shamelessly beg. :)

We also need your help finding these references and instances of characters reading. My friends and I sort of watch a lot of the same stuff but we'd really love for the tumblr to be inclusive of everything. You can submit your screencaps/gifs/artwork and you can also just give us a heads up if you see or observe something on TV that fits the criteria and we'll do the work. (for instance we could use some specific Gilmore Girls examples instead of "Rory likes to read" and I still need to go through all the instances in Lost which will take me a century, lol) Fiction, nonfiction, even fake books created for the show are welcome.

Yay! I'm excited about this and I hope you will be too! :D


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