Monday, September 16, 2013

TV Notes

Fall TV kicks off today as far as I'm concerned since Fox rolls out their programming a bit early due to baseball and launches a new show plus the return of Bones tonight. Since a few people actually asked what I'd be watching, I figured I'd make this post--especially in light of some very exciting news which might reveal something disturbing about me.

Anyway! As far as new shows go, I generally cast a wide net. Shows can surprise you by being good or being really awful. Also, I like to form my own impressions and opinions which I find is much harder to do in this age of gifs on tumblr etc. So I will probably watch the pilot episodes of:

Sleepy Hollow
Lucky 7
Marvel Agents of Shield
The Michael J Fox Show
The Originals
The Tomorrow People
Lifetime's Witches of East End

I think there are more shows coming later like Dracula and Almost Human that I might watch as well. I'm not really excited about any of these, in fact, oddly I am probably most excited for The Originals because while I'm sort of over TVD, The Originals feels like it could be a fresh start.

Returning shows:
The Good Wife--I'm actually sort of excited for this one because the early episodes should be filled with delicious drama and angst!
Elementary--I read a review of the premiere that said the mystery was lacking so it seems the show hasn't done anything to fix that, but that's okay it's a nice character show.
Grimm--Don't ask me anything about the plot I'm totally confused but I sort of love Adalind? Plus Nick got really hot to me last year, lol.
Parks and Rec and The Mindy Project--I watched The Mindy Project premiere since it got put up early online and this show confuses me. Like it's sort of cute but also I found my mind wandering and it's only 20 minutes long like that shouldn't happen. Also still so sad over P&R departures :( But looking forward to Tatiana Maslany's guest spot!

In October:
The Walking Dead


AMC announced they have a spinoff in the works and I got excited. I also got excited about the proposed Supernatural spinoff. I think these spinoffs appeal to me because they use the existing universe but not the existing characters. The world of The Walking Dead should be so much larger and it only makes sense to me to start telling another story there. There are limitless possibilities in my opinion. Of course, it would also be awesome if AMC or anyone decided to make Mira Grant's Newsflesh series into a series, but I'll take what I can get.

I also just wanted to complain about this somewhere, so why not here. Hallmark has a show based on Janette Oke's When Calls the Heart series coming out next year but they are launching it with a TV movie. I loooooved these books when I was a young girl. And Maggie Grace is playing Elizabeth in the movie! I mean look at her! But the TV show will be changing the cast from the movie. This make absolutely no sense to me, but whatever.

Finally, I watched the Top of the Lake mini-series and it is well worth watching, although it's the kind of mini-series that kinda sorta reminds me of literary fiction. Lots of weird unpleasant sex (as in unattractive people lol), weird and quirky characters, a sort of different vibe to it all. Even so I really liked it a lot. I might write more about it later. And Jenny, it's a missing girl story---but she's not white. Yet she is the daughter of the most powerful man in town, so. It unfolds exactly like those stories unfold with not really being about the missing girl so much as the lives of everyone else. Also lots of implied/discussed sexual violence/rape, etc, it's HEAVY.


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