Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Quick Hits

*Progress on The Chaos Walking movie! I am terrified. I really want to read Patrick Ness's new book. I could only choose one new book, though, and I chose Fangirl. It was cheaper at the time. Hopefully I can get it soon!

*The Walking Dead is having a MOOC to go along with the show this season. This is like the most awesome idea ever, I'm actually really excited. If you signed up let me know! I hope we learn something and have loads of fun. Also, this is a model for fan engagement I can get behind.

*Speaking of The Walking Dead, I saw fans shipping Richonne (Rick/Michonne) (I ship Richonne like whoa btw) characterized as fans wanting a happy ending in the world of the show. It made me laugh because I never thought about it like that...I actually thought more along the lines that if they do find happiness together one of them is doomed. Even so I sort of see what they're getting at. YOU CAN STILL FIND LOVE IN THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE OKAY?

*And just because, Andrew Lincoln reading Anna Karenina.

*There's going to be a spinoff series to Beautiful Creatures.

*Laura Prepon is only going to be in one episode of the second season of Orange is the New Black. This actually doesn't bother me as much as it seems to bother the rest of the world. I feel like they can easily wrap up her story since they hit all the really important story beats with her in season 1. I mean, obviously they could go on with it, but I almost feel relieved in a way because hopefully this means no endless love triangle.

*Speaking of Orange is the New Black, I feel like I keep having thoughts about the show but no organized way to talk about it, so if you want to chat OITNB with me, hit me up!

*I realllly liked Breaking Bad's episode this past week, because A) It was like so profoundly relieving to hear Jesse have the upper hand for once--even if fleeting, and B) Since the introduction of Todd, he's always felt like this loose cannon. He's almost like a symbol of the devil in Walt's life...the one Walt strikes a deal with to accomplish what he wants, but he cannot control. So having Todd's men show up for the showdown when it was the opposite of what Walt wanted in a brutal bloodbath was just...I don't know perfection. The series could have ended that way, except of course there are other characters.

*I am not on board with a Breaking Bad spinoff (Saul has always kind of annoyed me?), also, I am sad about The Killing being canceled.

*Also, if you watched The Nine Lives of Chloe King, ABC Family will be making the script for a wrap-up movie available to read. I watched this show, but it fell apart fast for me, and I can't even remember the characters.

*Earlier this year, I watched The Last Station which was sort of about the struggle of Leo Tolstoy with his wife to leave all of his work available in the public domain. So it's interesting that all of his work will be available for free online. (in Russian I think)

*I may have mentioned before, but A Thief in the Night was a movie that terrified me as a young girl. I just recently watched it again as an adult which was an interesting experience. I could still quote quite a bit of it! And the way the characters being good or shady was all spelled out made me lol. Also, it is STILL FREAKY. Anyway, the producer recently died. What's interesting about that article is that I didn't know Nicholas Cage is filming a remake of Left Behind. WHY. The idea of the rapture and being left behind positively TERRIFIED me as a kid. I would stay up light thinking about getting my head chopped off because I refused to get the mark of the beast. It consumed my thoughts. So basically while I think the intent behind A Thief in the Night was goodhearted, I will never forget how scared I was about being left behind!

*I've been thinking about blogging a lot lately, like what to do to get this blog jumpstarted. I actually almost planned out a whole thing and then I was like, WHAT AM I DOING. Anyway there will be a ton of giveaways in the next few weeks because that's part of me keeping it active. Also, I like giveaways. When I don't have to mail them. And I personally enjoy winning giveaways. Which rarely happens.


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