Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Few Thoughts on This Fine Thursday

But it’s also easy, when you spend a lot of time in quick-reacting, ever-opining social environments, to think that that virtual chorus is the whole world. It’s like having sudden clairvoyance–the disorienting superpower rush of suddenly having the world’s thoughts opened up to you. It’s easy to believe that because you can hear more hate that there is more hate. And just as in the physical world, it’s all too easy to focus on one jerk who poisons your faith in humanity over 99 folks who affirm it.

--On Anna Gun, the Skyler-Hating Sexists, and the Billion Megaphone Era by James Poniewozik

Believe it or not that above paragraph was a sort of revelation to me, especially the part that I bolded. I've been feeling an uneasy relationship to social media for a few months now. This isn't really about blogging, although I do think my blogging has been affected by it. I don't really think cutting social media out of my life is going to happen, but at the same time there's a part of me that wishes I could shut out all the voices. And yet, it's the very idea expressed above, about knowing what others are thinking, that pulls me in to it so much.

I feel like the internet sort of easily facilitates an addiction to knowledge..but it's not a real addiction to knowledge so much as an addiction to skimming the surface of lots of different kinds of knowledge. Thanks to internet, I can know about a lot of things on a very very superficial level and feel like I actually know a lot. And I guess sometimes I think this actually ends up being bad for me.

It's my own fault in many ways and when I force myself to take more of a step back from social media consumption, I generally feel better. I don't always want to be thinking about what others are thinking about things, I hate that I can predict certain responses to things that people who are not as plugged in as myself would never even consider. While I definitely think social media has enriched my life in a lot of ways, I'm not afraid to say it's also detracted from it.

I'm not here to draw any conclusions, just sort of saying there are times when I could shut off my brain and all the stuff being constantly put in it. (lol this is sort of making me think of MT Anderson's Feed, tbh!)

**In other news, Fall TV is a big bust to me so far. I'm just not excited about anything new. I've tried to watch some things, but nothing has really grabbed me. It's okay, though, maybe I already watch too much TV? I sort of like Sleepy Hollow...I think the leads are great and it kindaaa sorta has the creepy atmosphere that I love, but I swear my mind cannot latch onto the plot? I think it could be like Elementary for me, a show I watch for 20% of the content. I am looking forward The Good Wife! And of course Borgen and The Walking Dead which will be back soon.

**I started watching Friday Night Lights (trying to work my way through the to be watched list!) which is nice so far but not inspiring binge watching yet. Of course I watch it before bed and I've been so tired that I've been watching episode 4 for like 4 nights.

**I read Matthew Quick's Sorta Like a Rock Star and LOVE. I only have one book of his left to read, sadness. I have a lot of thoughts on it, so hopefully a review, soon!

Tell me what's new with you!


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