Thursday, August 29, 2013

Happy Friday!

Jenny said bullet point posts are okay, so!

*Is it just my imagination or is all the fall stuff coming out earlier than usual? Like, I'm really surprised that Starbucks has pumpkin spice lattes out already? And Bath & Body Works has been pimping their fall line, too. Meanwhile, it's 100 degrees here.

*I'm really hoping to get some reading done this weekend! I'm continuing to actually enjoy War and Peace, I'm supposed to finish (and start!) To Kill a Mockingbird a book Iris, Hannah, and I decided to read together last year, and I just want to read some stuff for fun. Oh and I have like at least three books for October that are 500 pages +? Big month, I guess!

*Summer TV seems to be winding down, The Bridge, Broadchurch, and Suits are still going, though. I sped through Rectify's first six episode season and it was fantastic, I'll probably devote a whole post this very literary and beautiful show. Oh and Breaking Bad!

*Speaking of Breaking Bad, here's a suggested reading list! Like putting Gatsby on there just seems odd to me.

*Also, I really liked this post about the influence of Walt Whitman on Walter White/Breaking Bad. (btw do any of you watch Breaking Bad?)

*Do you guys have any special plans for the weekend? One last cookout?


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