Friday, July 19, 2013

News from the Week!


I've been wanting to write blog posts all week every time some new morsel of info came my way, but I've just been so tired of being on the computer that by the time I try to I can't think.

I'm not going to touch the national news stuff though I feel like I'm living through historic times in a way...and I don't know how things will end. And that's all I'm going to say!


First the Emmy nominations are a joke. Obviously I can't watch every show on TV, but when the same people are nominated over and over and super smart shows get overlooked something is wrong. I like being on this side of awards where I can just complain about them, lol. But seriously, though, I hope the academy is ashamed for overlooking Tatiana Maslany since there was such an outcry on her behalf. But I also hope Keri Russell gets their attention for next year because seriously. When I think about how this one actress has managed to create two characters during her career that are incredibly different but that I sympathize/empathize with deeply I just...I guess I'm just sad the whole world doesn't love Elizabeth and her portrayer like I do, lol. Anyway, enough complaining!

So after that annoyance...

THE WALKING DEAD SEASON 4 TRAILER CAME OUT!!! I am so excited!!! It looks GOOD everyone (though I have a lot of guesses about what happens based on the footage) it's 4+ minutes long so don't watch if you prefer to remain completely unspoiled. Also don't read the rest of this section.

Michonne on a horse! She looks stunning! Apparently, she's going to have an arc about being obsessed with hunting down the Governor or something. Not sure how I feel about that, but 100% sure about how I feel about Michonne which is to say I love her.

New threat! Zombies overwhelming them! Yay, exciting times. Also, I'm so excited for Carl's arc!! He's no longer the annoying kid on TV.

Lol EW had TWD covers and I got Daryl. I'm kind of sad, obviously I wanted Rick. Oh well!

I haven't read much about Veronica Mars at Comic-Con but I did read there are going to be books. Also, not sure how I feel about that. I never did read Rob Thomas's other YA book.

And the trailer for season 2 of Bron/Broen is out and reveals nothing. I got excited anyway. I probably will have to wait another year or so sigh.

Did anyone watch Sharknado? I have to admit the most hilarious thing about this has been Ian Ziering making the morning show circuit talking about the movie, lol. He feels it has jumpstarted his career. I don't know, something about it reminds me of Mark O'Connell's Epic Fail.

Also, a tidbit I've been wanting to mention...I've done my fair share of complaining over the lack of films about women, but I recently watched The Call with Halle Barry and while it's not a masterpiece or anything, it's a good example of a thriller movie with female leads. I mean the two most important characters are female and it's about a woman saving a girl (and Halle's character's supervisor is also a woman!) and it's fast paced enough. I mean it's not dreadful, in my opinion. So if you like that kind of movie you should give it a watch!

J.K. Rowling published under a pseudonym! This was really exciting, actually, felt a bit like Christmas. I find the entire thing fascinating because it's like a lesson in how 1) You could receive an ARC and it could be JKR publishing under a pseudonym and 2) You can't trust anyone! Like seriously, secrets always get out! I do sympathize with the woman who blurted out the secret on Twitter, though, lol can you imagine having this piece of info and the whole world NOT knowing! (though I sort of think this person in comments that suggest the lawyer and his wife's best friend were having an affair is right!)

It's also interesting to me that she chose The Casual Vacancy as her first post Harry Potter book, that she believed in her message so much and knew it was like...her one chance to really get it out? And while I know a lot of people just had a lot of fault with the book, I personally thought it was very interesting and I do find it sort of admirable. Also, this solved the whole mystery about her writing a mystery novel. Anyway, I'm currently reading it!

Oh one other thing, I've actually seen a fair number of complaints about the fictional biography of Robert Galbraith which I can't take seriously. But i'm curious if anyone else has major issues with it.

I read Matthew Quick's new YA this week (Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock) and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I need to go read the other two ASAP, tbh. I think I really like his world view or something, these books just resonate. And feel appropriate for our times without being preachy. Anyway, recommended when it comes out in August!

Other than that reading has been so slow, but I have so many books I want to read, send help. Also, I'm woefully behind on reviews.

Here's what I hope to write about sometime (like you care, but it helps me!)

The Walking Dead S 1-3 rewatch
The Bridge
Alison Hendrix on Orphan Black
Suits Seasons 1&2

The Village by Nikita Lalwani
Apologies to My Censor by Mitch Moxley
The Never List by Koethi Zan
Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock by Matthew Quick


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