Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Just Some Things

I'm going a little crazy with all the books I want to read right now that I haven't had a chance to read. I feel like a lot of really great books have just been released are about to be released and I need more time for reading! Plus there's been a lot of overlap in what I've been thinking about in life and what I'm reading in fiction and seeing on TV and I want to write about it, but I've just been way too tired for that lately.

And now we're at the halfway mark through the year! Which is crazy! Where did the time go? I think this has been the year of crime fiction for me, I've really enjoyed so much that I've read.

The Bridge Premieres in a Week!

The Bridge premieres on FX in a week and I want everyone to watch it! I think the show has potential to be really good--the source material, the Danish/Swedish show is excellent. It's a serial killer show about social issues that really ends up being deeply personal. I mean that's perfect story telling in my opinion. I'm so hopeful! Anyway, re: The Bridge here is some stuff going on.

Ryan Bingham wrote the theme song and it was released last week and I immediately bought it because I love the theme song for the original show and the way they used it in the show was very...clever? Like the moodier part of the song went with the theme and then every episode ended with the orchestral swell of the song and it was just brilliant. But this theme song is very different, trying to evoke the sorrow of border life, rather than a Nordic Noir feel. And that's good because it should be a very different show. I like sounds sad and melancholy.

FX commissioned a mural in LA as well by El Mac which will be unveiled on Sunday.

Did I mention the show premiers a week from today?? The YouTube channel has a lot of videos you can watch to get a sense of this show.

Borgen's third season will begin airing on Link TV on October 4th!!!! THIS IS SO EXCITING.

Also, This
I love beyond the telling of it, this post Sarah Rees Brennan wrote about invisibility and the internet. There are so many great parts to it! Like,

"But trying to make yourself invisible doesn’t work. You can make yourself smaller, but while you may be less noticeable, you’re also… well, smaller, trying less, avoiding more, doing less."


"Internet villains and internet heroes are pretty easy to create. If someone’s decided to think negatively of someone, everything feeds into that. If someone’s decided to think positively of someone, they’ll often think much too positively of them." (yessssss. yes yes yes)

But really I just love her point that you are neither the horrible things someone makes you out to be or the super wonderful things...that it's complicated to be on the internet because it's complicated to be a person in general.

Have a happy Fourth Americans and everyone else? Have a great week!


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