Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Update

This past weekend was the readathon which I sort of participated in. I didn't sign up or anything (I just can't really read for hours on end anymore), but I read a book. Which feels like a miracle these days! I noticed that a lot of people used tumblr for their updates which makes so much sense and also made me laugh. Remember when we used to use our blogs but then people didn't want to overwhelm their subscribers? But people reblog 40 things a day on tumblr so no big deal. Except that tumblr has a stinky commenting system I guess!

It's so hot here already. Sigh. Such is life, I guess! By the end of the week it will be in the 90s.

Well I caved and watched the backdoor pilot episode for The Originals. I just...sort of wish there was a fun supernatural show I could enjoy like I used to enjoy The Vampire Diaries but The Originals probably will not be it. It was, for one thing, appallingly racist. Also, Klaus is still not an interesting character it took him no time at all to start crying with his new love interest. And to top it all off, they decided to make him a father. And they didn't even give the mother of his child any sort of voice. The whole thing is gross and stupid, which is too bad because Marcel ♥

But seriously, it's disappointing that no recaps are really mentioning how horrific it is that they've suddenly made their main witches white living under the oppression of a black vampire in New Orleans. Whyyyyyy.

At least there are other good shows to wash the taste of that out of my mouth! The Americans was brilliant this week. I long suspected Nina would turn double (triple?) agent and it was glorious to see that happen. Nina is one of the most interesting characters on this show for me, everything she does, she does in the name of self interest...she takes control of her destiny. There's something really refreshing about that. So while I was completely grossed out the whole time she was sleeping with Stan, it was obviously her own way of keeping that relationship in her control. And Stan is stupid to think that the very same methods she uses to get information for him, she couldn't be using on him. Not to mention that he shot her friend out of his own rage with no regard to his relationship with her. I just think he's been really foolish in dealing with her and that she's much smarter than he gives her credit for. It will be interesting to see what happens!

Also, I like the way the story from earlier in the season came back and that the FBI is starting to put together that they are looking for a husband and wife team. If there's one weak link here for me it's's just a tiny bit hard to believe she'd buy into all of this (they can't even live together!), but whatever. It's also very very sad.

I thought Nikita was really good this week, as well. I liked how it returned to the women saving girls idea, with Alex and Nikita freeing all of those girls. But I also think that the season's question of whether or not Division can ever be a good thing has been answered and the answer is no. There's a certain power attached with it that they all succumb to in their weaker moments. But ugh what a great show. That conversation between Alex and Nikita about how Alex needs to heal or Amanda (and others) can continue to use her pain as a weapon was so great. I don't know if this show will be back, but I do think TV will be poorer if it's off.

And Orphan Black! Anyone else watching? Who's your favorite clone? I love Alison. I'm surprised soccer mom clone is my favorite, but she's so fierce, the way she took down Vic with her pepper spray ♥♥♥. Anyway, I think the stuff about them having monitors is really sad, you know, if Alison's husband is her monitor (which it seems like he is) and Paul never really loving Beth. I like how the women are all sort of bonding and trusting each other the most. At present it seems like Sarah might be the original, but I'm sort of hoping for a bit more surprise, although the idea of her struggling with that would be really interesting to watch.

Well that's enough TV! I have bookish stuff lined up for this week, a giveaway tomorrow, our War and Peace check-in on Tuesday, a review on Wednesday and hopefully more reviews, too! Have a great week everyone it's already almost May!


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