Wednesday, March 6, 2013

8 Years. Still here.

Wow that makes me feel really old, but the first blog post I ever wrote was indeed 8 years ago tomorrow. (I'm participating in a blog tour tomorrow so I thought I'd do my post today)

Unfortunately I don't have piles of books to give away or anything, I almost let this day pass me by but Jenny did one of those fun keyword posts the other day and I thought I could at least do that.'s what's been bringing people by.

"political animals" "the government" borgen

Noooooo. Political Animals = truly terrible, Borgen = BEST SHOW EVER. Don't let yourself be fooled into thinking all shows with female politicians are created equal. They are not. I can't believe I sat through all six episodes of Political Animals it was really really bad. Do yourself a favor and find a way to just watch Borgen if you haven't seen it, or just skip Political Animals altogether if you were contemplating watching it. If you were looking for a comparison piece well...there you have it. Borgen rules. End of story.

serena van der woodsen by fountain

Don't even bring that up to me. IT STILL KIND OF HURTS.

amish books why so popular

I'm not really one hundred percent positive, but I have a few theories some of which are very cynical. I think that the community in Amish books is really appealing, the way everyone knows each other and sacrifices for each other and the way they work the ground together is really romantic in a "I like to read about it in a book but please don't ever let this be my life" sort of way. I think there's something comforting to a certain demographic about their very modest values and the way they cling to tradition and their lack of color and diversity.

best tv thrillers broen-bron

I agree so much! Did you know FX has commissioned its own series? And Britain and France are making one too! I'm super excited about the FX series because I think the US and Mexican border is a great place to tell stories. But the original Swedish/Danish series is TOPS. I recommend it to everyone and Saga forever ♥

do you think feminism is for everybody?

Yes I do!

faithful novel ending janet fox

ah I very rarely give out spoilers to the end of books. I suggest reading to the end for yourself!

is the bronze horseman going to be a movie

I don't know. I keep hearing it will be, but I've never heard any real news. I really don't think it's necessary, though. I was not a fan of the book and also it's realllly long. Maybe a miniseries. On a channel I don't get.

write a blog about my friend

Make sure it's a nice one!

what happens to blue duck in lonesome dove

Again I recommend reading it for yourself, it is a FABULOUS book. And if you know who Blue Duck is you are already past the boring part!

borgen netflix

Ugh, sadly no. it's a crime I know. I do think the show is getting a bit more attention though so maybe one day it will be! There are other foreign TV shows on there.

+richonne walking dead

I AGREE. They are the best thing about the show and they sizzle. I don't think they'll ever be an actual couple unfortunately, BUT as long as I get really good moments between them, I don't even care.

That's it for now! You know, book blogging isn't always easy but for some reason I'm still here. I do still value being able to write about books (and TV and movies) and getting your input. And I still love reading your blogs, though times like this always make me realize how many people I've lost contact with along the way. Anyway, here's to another 8 years! haha.


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