Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Walking Dead 3x09 The Suicide King

I really do love this show, you guys. I think it delivers the closest experience to LOST I've found since the end of that show in that most people prefer to watch live, are loathe to be spoiled, and a lot of people actually watch! In fact, more are watching all the time, it's great. (Plus the feeling of community on the show is similar)

I really enjoyed this episode for the most part. I'm not sure that I'm one hundred percent sold on the idea of Rick losing his mind, because well, I love Rick. But it makes a lot of sense structurally and for the kind of story they are telling right now about survival. Rick losing his mind in this episode actually parallels the Governor also losing the grip he had on control and so these two leaders are falling apart. Showing how other groups have survived the zombie infestation is of course what makes stories like this so interesting and this season has been strong on this front by giving us a front row seat in Woodbury. We know and understand the threat of them more than we would if we'd encountered them the same way Rick's group had. The first half of the season felt like it was building to a showdown and the midseason finale delivered brilliantly on that front. This episode was about regrouping.

Daryl leaving the group was so sad! Rick's reaction was priceless. We now know how tightly bonded this group is they consider each other family. But Daryl is torn and feels bad for leaving Merle once. I don't really like it when characters break away from the main group, but I loved Rick's angst over Daryl leaving, Carol's sadness, but most of all, I love that Carol voiced the truth about Merle's abusive ways when talking about it to Beth. She understands what it's like to be a victim of abuse and the power your abuser can have over you and so she understands why Daryl left.

Likewise, I also looooved Andrea's little rah rah speech to the people of Woodbury. It is SO Andrea. She'd be the leader in a heartbeat if she could, it's the rebellious edge she's always had and it's why she aligns herself with men who have achieved some level of power and give it to her in return. (Shane and the Governor). The Governor better watch out she could probably wrest control away from him if she wanted to.

As far as that last scene, well...the show built up to it well enough I guess, but I'm a little worried I won't like where this goes. It's interesting though that Rick mentioned how disturbed he found the Governor to Hershel and asked, what kind of a mind does that? And Hershel responded the kind of mind this world creates...which was some disturbing foreshadowing about Rick's own mind which is slowly going. So we have these two leaders crushed under the weight of making decisions in this crazy world. I guess The Governor's closest thread to his humanity was his zombiefied daughter and Rick's was Lori. And now Rick is "haunted by Lori" and The Governor dgaf anymore, let's be real. Anyway, it was all very ominous that Rick sent away a competent decent group of people and Hershel flat out called it the wrong choice. Ugh, who is going to die next? Also, Glen Mazzara said Rick seeing Lori like that was supposed to be Poe inspired? (How much do I love that Andrew Lincoln resisted it, lol) THIS POE CRAZE NEEDS TO END.

Looking forward to what comes next as always. Hope you guys liked it this week!


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