Thursday, January 17, 2013

War & Peace Update, Also Film Club (Again!)

Quick note on the War & Peace schedule!

We originally had Book I part 3 and Book 2 part 1 due by March 31st, but we've changed it so that Book 2 parts 1 and 2 are due at the end of April. If you are confused, please check the schedule!

I've had some questions about posting, so to clarify, Iris and I will post on the last day of the month about our progress and thoughts and invite you to post as well or comment on our posts with your thoughts or whatever you are comfortable with and want to do!

Also for Kindle users there are 25 chapters in Part 1. I will try to get the rest of the schedule updated by chapters asap.

Also one last time for me to ask about Film Club. Here's what I wrote last time:

"I've really been thinking this over and I have an idea but I want to see if people would be interested in doing it. I really don't want to do this if it turns out to just be me you know? So it's not going to hurt my feelings if this is not something you want to do, I'd just rather know upfront if there's any interest. Basically, I was thinking we could take a decade of Academy Award winners and watch through them. The big group watch would be whatever won best picture, but then everyone could also choose to watch a movie that won any award at all that year and write a review on their blog. (kind of like how the classics circuit used to work?) Do you guys think this would be fun? It might be easier to find a movie that way, too, at your library or whatever. We could vote on what decade to do and then have fun! Let me know what you think!"

Only one person weighed in. Which is fine! But there was a bunch of other stuff in the post so I thought it might have gotten buried. So basically, if you're interested we would vote on which decade to go through. I think it could be fun and hopefully it would contribute to our film knowledge.


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