Saturday, January 12, 2013

TV: Nashville, Switched at Birth, and that TVD Spinoff

I finished Six Feet Under. I know it's really fast, but the fifth season was really good and compelling. I will write about it soon.

Nashville (aka The Juliette Barnes Show)

I realized that some of my favorite characters this past year were "but all they wanted was a family" characters. But...I don't know if I actually think that's Juliette's driving motivation, it's just the way it manifested in these past episodes because she found herself unexpectedly charmed by Sean's family. This was evident in this episode when she ended up giving her mother's words more weight than anything else. Which of course I was pleased to see since I think her path will eventually include embracing her own story. It's not that Juliette doesn't have a family, she just hasn't accepted that where she comes doesn't make her inferior, she still cares too much about what other people think. But who would want to be married into THAT family? So I think the combination of her mother's wise words plus Sean's mother being kind of threatening about it all made everything clear for her. That necklace, like it seems to so often be in visual media, was a symbol of the kind of life she'd be enslaved in, always trying to measure up to someone else's standards all the weight of expectation with none of the love. In other words, still not a real family. So she takes off the necklace and runs for the plane...freedom and control always being more important than anything else. She was not going to put herself at someone else's mercy again.

I saw someone tweet about how they like Scarlett less and less every episode, but I really saw no reason to dislike Scarlett in this episode. In fact, I can't help but think the contrast between her and Avery is fascinating, as he continues to give up the people he loves for the dream he thinks he wants and everything just falls into Scarlett's lap. Look how easily she slipped into his band and was accepted. Everything she touches is gold for her, meanwhile Avery makes poor decision after poor decision. I'm not a fan of Gunner, either, though.

If this show has an area they need to work on it's Rayna. Like wow her storyline flopped so hard. It was actually super compelling in the early episodes of the show as she lived in the conflict of having always been in love with one man for all intents and purposes and being married with a family to another one. That was such great stuff, I felt it so much every episode, but now it's just, Rayna needs to reinvent herself. I did like that Teddy knew about his daughter and that drama was so low key. Fingers crossed for next week!

Switched At Birth

Melody's speech to Daphne was so great and very cathartic for all these teen shows where such obsession is often misrepresented as great love. It also continued the thread started at the end of last season nicely of not throwing your life away over a man, and while I didn't really enjoy the storyline, I guess it's one worth being told because maybe everyone does this at some time in their life? It's really easy to get caught up in your feelings for someone and lose all perspective. Also, I think the food truck is kind of cute!

I really wanted Kathryn to run for...whatever the role was, I forget. It would have been so different from every other show where some guy is the politician. (EXCEPT BORGEN OF COURSE) but I guess John never does anything either.

Also what in the world is that kind of honor board nonsense? I thought they made an awfully big leap to think she was cheating, but I like the idea of Bay switching schools. Bay and her never ending quest for identity.

Also, in March there will be an entire episode in ASL. I love it! It's the first show to ever do such a thing.

TVD Spinoff

This show is kind of broken, but Klaus is going to get his own show! Yay! Too bad it didn't happen a season ago. Of course it's not for sure, but the CW is not too bright and will probably think it's brilliant. I've seen a lot of shows in development for the CW that looked more interesting, though. I guess this is what they are wasting their extra episode this season on. Good to know I can skip that one! Seriously, though, would you watch a show where Klaus is the star?

I liked The Good Wife but have nothing to say about it really. And I haven't watched anything else because I was watching Six Feet Under most nights. I hope to watch everything else, soon, though!


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