Monday, January 28, 2013

Design a War & Peace Button?

So our first War & Peace Discussion Day is Thursday! (I'm not exactly sure why it's in all caps but let's go with it) I know everyone is really excited, and with good reason. But something's missing! We still don't have a button/badge/graphic to celebrate our War & Peace readalong. I've tried making one, but let's be real, I'm terrible at that stuff. I don't have the eye or the patience for it. So..I thought I'd ask for help!

I'm going to have a little informal contest, by which I mean that if you design a button for me I will put your name into a drawing. I wish I could offer you something really awesome, but what I will offer is a War & Peace readalong care package. Contents are still to be determined. Anyone who designs a button will have their name entered -- it's not like I'm going to choose my favorite or something. And then I will post them all and you can pick whichever one you want to use. Or if I only get one, we'll all use that one! Or if I get zero, I give up.

Just a few guidelines:

1) No copyrighted images. We want to be able to use it freely and happily on our blogs without worrying about having to pay fees of some sort when someone gets mad.

2) Must include War & Peace and 2013 on it somewhere.

3) This is for use in our posts and sidebars (if people should so desire) so

That's it! I'd love to have some by Thursday, but I'll make the absolute deadline Sunday February 3rd.

I'm so hopeful someone will come up with something awesome! Please email all creations to Thank you so much!!!!


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