Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Vampire Diaries 4x09

Writing about this because I feel like I haven't blogged all week!

Anyway, Tyler Lockwood ♥♥♥

I loved Tyler in this episode because he was a true leader. When he had a plan for breaking the hybrids free of Klaus it didn't consist of having them offer themselves up, he was going to do it himself. True leadership is often about being a servant first and ugh, Tyler. He is consistently willing to sacrifice himself to protect others and he gets so little credit for it!! Which only makes me love him more. He is my favorite character on the show right now which is so weird because, tbh, I rarely have males as favorite characters. But I'm rooting for him.

Other observations:

*When Jeremy went to hug Elena, I legit thought he was going to kiss her.

*I'm a little fuzzy on why they needed to kill HYBRIDS instead of humans, but whatevs.

*Stefan is getting worse and worse each week. Also I don't really get why Caroline told him about Elena and Damon and also it's just kind of gross that the show spent that time to show him being upset over the fact that they slept together, ew. Also feeling sorry for Klaus??? The truth is that he has brought nothing but horror into their lives and Caroline has not done nearly as many bad things as you, Stefan!!!

*The problem with the show for me right now and the reason why I'm rooting for Tyler is that I understand his motivations and his morality. I don't really understand the motivations or thinking of anyone else. Or I do, but I don't like them, lol. I wish the show, for example, would have let the cure be a storyline solely for Stefan without him wanting to fix "Elena." I wish that Bonnie could embrace dark magic on her own. I wish Jeremy could grapple with his feelings without it being a hunter's curse or whatever. (although, you know, they did the same thing with Alaric last season) I don't get why no one is thinking about how Klaus just wants to turn Elena human so he can make more hybrids which is directly against Elena's best interests and also theirs. Like it's all so freaking selfish and shortsighted, I don't get why I'm supposed to care.

*aw poor Carol. I guess Teen Wolf is a better gig! And in other news...Tyler is all alone now just like Klaus.

*I should have realized that April constantly asking about Rebekah had a purpose. How fun that she went to undagger her! It's interesting that both Rebekah and Elena saw themselves in April, but Rebekah is the one April trusts/likes. I really HOPE TO GOD that Rebekah is over her Klaus love.

Anyway, sorry guys, this episode was entertaining enough but I just feel like the plot is barely holding together for me. Like, I almost feel like I did last season when we'd been hearing about Michael as this big bad vampire hunter and then he was killed in an episode. (the hybrid rebellion reminded me of that--all over now)

Anyway feel free to tell me how you felt about the episode, Damon breaking the sire bond, etc.


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