Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Film Club Part II

Hi everyone!

Thanks so much for your feedback about film club last week. I'd like to try to keep it going, but in thinking it over and listening to your suggestions I feel like what is missing is anyone having a feeling of investment in it. (and also difficulty in obtaining the movies which I can't really do anything about :/)

I was thinking back to when I did that summer of Hitchcock and we all watched Alfred Hitchcock movies. That worked out better because I think a lot of people wanted to watch them anyway and also because we had a theme. I'd really love to do a theme again, what do you think?

I think we could approach it in a couple of different ways. The first thing we could do is watch a large sampling or all of a director's (or even an actor or studio's) films. Or we could choose an award list or some other similar list and watch through those movies. People can make suggestions about what we should do in the form below (so it's anonymous if you want it to be) and then we could vote on it. And then if need be, we can vote to narrow down the movies as well.

That makes it a little bit like a reading challenge except that of course it's not books! Also it really fits in with my nerdiness and desire to understand things from a more holistic perspective.

What do you think? This way everyone is choosing together and the people who end up participating will be more interested and invested on an ongoing basis. Another thing I'd really love is for more people who are interested to make their own posts about each film as we watch. This will expose more people to the club but also it's less like it's "my thing" that way and more like we are all taking part with our blogs. If you don't have a blog, of course you can still visit all the posts!


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