Friday, December 21, 2012

A Few Links

First of all, I'm having this annoying issue lately more than in the past where intense debate (my 3rd party commenting system) doesn't catch all comments but some go into moderation on Blogger. And then I can't publish them because it erases all the ID comments. I'm so sorry I have no idea why this is happening! I do read them, though! And look at them sitting there while wishing I could publish them.

A few links I would like to share with you!

Jace Lacob said Borgen was the best show of the year! Yay, I completely agree. And also the first pics of the third season made an appearance on tumblr and while they don't really reveal anything I am still soooo excited. I agree him that The Good Wife and Parks and Recreation were also on top of their game...well this season at least. And I like that Maria Elena Fernandez includes Nashville and Switched at Birth since I love them, too.

Speaking of Switched at Birth I just saw this article that was published last month on the rise of 20 something virgins or something, but there was this part about Switched at Birth I wanted to mention because I liked it on the show, and also it made me think about what Ana said about Buffy and Faith and how their sexuality was portrayed on Buffy. Anyway, the show revealed, very casually, that Daphne was not a virgin, while Bay still is. And it kind of goes against what's normally expected since Daphne is the good one and Bay is the more rebellious character who does things like street art and run away to Mexico. Lizzy Weiss, the show's creator, said, "I think viewers assumed Daphne was a virgin because she was a ‘good girl’; a straight-A student, etc. But being a straight-A student doesn't coincide with sexuality." Well, yes.

Speaking of Ana, she watched like sooo many of the best shows ever this year. All in one year! And wrote about them for Smugglivus. And she also rounded up some of her favorite links of the year both on her own blog and around the blogosphere. Go check them out!

Carrie is hosting a very ambitious "I've Always Meant to Read That" Challenge that you should definitely check out!

As always, I've been enjoying A Year in Reading over at the Millions. I loved Mark O'Connell's post again. His post last year made me want to read Anna Karenina so much (and I did!), and I sort of want to check out the books he mentions this year, too. But I love what he says about book acquisition, because OMG SO TRUE.

"I’m prone to making aspirational purchases, as though buying a book were somehow the first link in an unbroken chain of causation that ends, inevitably, with having read it."

It's so funny, because it's put so simply, but this is the best way I've seen this put. AND YES.

Also what is this show going to beeeeee, I don't think I want to know.

Aaand I also really liked this post awhile back from Cheryl Klein A Brief Rant Against My Own Interests, but for My Own Beliefs. It kind of sums up how I feel about a lot of discourse of this nature.

ETA: ugh I just saw that Glen Mazarra is leaving The Walking Dead as showrunner. What is AMC's deal with being able to keep a showrunner on TWD? IDK, IDK, but the really revitalized the show, so this is sad news.

And that's all from me for now! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend before the holiday and that your days are filled with merriness and cheer!


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