Saturday, November 3, 2012

TV Post!

Because my shows were good this week and made me want to talk!

The Good Wife

This show started off slowly for me this season, but I've loved the last two episodes. I like the angle they took with this Indira Starr story because the first time it was introduced I was like UGH NOT AGAIN I'VE HAD IT WITH PETER CHEATING. But he didn't and it wasn't a solitary episode about Alicia's reactions to that but the beginning of a bigger more interesting story. Are we supposed to think Maddie Hayworth engineered the whole thing to set up her own candidacy? Because if so...WOW. Brilliant. Anyway, I like the way Peter's past might be punishing him now even when he's "innocent" and of course I'm always in favor of blogs breaking stories and bringing up new conversations. And I like the idea of news being uncontrollable and spreading, etc. Anyway, I think it's super interesting and I'm kind of mad I read a spoiler about someone else entering the race because otherwise I would have been really blown away with the development.

As far as Kalinda goes, I disliked her story line with her ex-husband, but I do like the way she handled herself in this episode. And this conversation on the Daily Beast did make me think about it a little differently and I think the way things were presented in this episode validated the way Jace Lacob was reading the story. But are we supposed to really think Lana had those pictures taken? I mean it seems like the perfect play Nick could make to isolate Kalinda from the person she's using for safety at the moment.

Also I've really been liking the cases and I really liked seeing Nathan Lane do his thing. But Cary!!! I feel so much affection for Cary now that I didn't used to feel and I thought he was great in this episode, especially the way he got Nathan Lane's character (ugh what's his name) to help.

Anyway even though Alicia and Will dodged a bullet in early episodes, I wouldn't be surprised if it comes up again, especially since Peter was all like NO WILL CAN HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH ME etc.

The Walking Dead

Omg, I loved this episode so so much. First of all Michonne is a badass and I love her so much. She's the exact kind of character I fall for because she's competent, fierce, loyal, but also reserved. She actually reminds me of Kalinda just a little and that conversation with Andrea about how she knows everything about Andrea and Andrea knows nothing about her definitely reminded me of Alicia and Kalinda. But anyway, I love that she remained skeptical of Woodbury and the Governor, and I even got over the fact that Andrea didn't. After everything they've been through it makes sense that Andrea would fall for it and want to believe, etc. Anyway, the reason I liked this episode is because of the storyline it sets up. TWD gets everything right while TVD gets it wrong, etc. I like Woodbury because they are experimenting on zombies, they are discussing what zombies are, they have established a civilization they think is worth fighting for, and they are actively killing others to protect it.

And you know...that could well be where our own little group is headed. But there's already a HUGE difference between the Governor and Rick, the Gov easily kills and does it strategically, while Rick is willing to kill but it still weighs on him.

The show was just a tad bit frustrating with their hints of fascinating back stories for Michonne and the Governor when I know the showrunner doesn't like to do flashbacks according to his Twitter timeline. But...they could still reveal it interestingly I guess. Also! The idea that the Michonne's zombie pets were slowly starving to death...aaaaargh. I read a short story once about a zombie head disconnected from the body that just felt endless hunger and it traumatized me for days. I am curious about who they were, though....people she hated?

Loved seeing Merle again and also the ongoing discussion about whether or not there's still a trace of the old person left in the zombie body. And the end??? Perfection. This show is a good example of how bringing in a new showrunner can actually be good for the show, I think it was exactly what TWD needed.

Beauty and the Beast

So...this week's episode was unintentionally hilarious, but I don't care, I'm going to confess that I do like the show. I think that their heart is in the right place so even if the acting isn't always the best and they could use a new editor and the special effects are cringeworthy, they've surpassed my expectations. I really love Catherine and I like her relationship with Vincent. The end of show conversation between the two of them is always my favorite part as they continue to try to figure out how to be in each other's lives. Naturally, I ship them, but in a verrrry slow burn kind of way.

The conspiracy is weak and the cases are always weak, but the show makes me happier than TVD does at the moment, so there's that.

Speaking of which, I think I'm done with TVD? Like it annoys me more than it pleases me and I feel all burned out on talking about it. I think this past episode proved to me that the show will never fix its fundamental problems. I'll just FF through to Tyler and Caroline scenes, I guess.

So that's what I have to say about these shows...what do you guys think?


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