Wednesday, November 7, 2012

This Post Brought to you Courtesy of NaBloPoMo

Wow this is hard everyone! I remember once upon a time when I used to post everyday naturally. Lol! How did I have so much to say?

Anyway no one likes blog posts that start out like that, so.

*The election is over! Pretty much everything shook out like I expected it to, but ugh I've never felt like voting is as pointless as I did last night when I was checking the California Secretary of State website for updates and they were pretty much declaring the results before my county had even reported anything! The propositions I was hoping would pass did not so I am feeling a little bummed about that. But oh well, it's still nice to think it matters, and obviously had a little more weight in city voting!

*I loved this week's The Good Wife! I don't know but that writers room is on fire all of the sudden. But how weird that they have this semi-feminist story line going on in the courtroom, while at the same time deriding Maddie Haywhatever for running based on her inner feminist. (though why in the world she'd offer to let Peter be her Lt. Gov if she REALLY had problems with him is beyond me) This show baffles, like I never know what to think about these weird things they do, i.e setting up female candidates or people of color as antagonists constantly. Oh well, I still enjoyed Peter's smackdown at the end, I loved the courtroom case and Alicia and her client's rapport (take the compliment! ♥), I adore Jackie and her male caretaker, I loved Carey and, the whole episode was just so strong and enjoyable to me. If there's a weak link it's Eli, god how did he get so annoying? Oh and I actually really liked Kalinda and Alicia's conversation and Kalinda's simple honesty. I disliked this storyline so much at first, but if there's one thing I can say is good about it is that it speaks to the reality that any woman might find herself in an abusive relationship. I don't think anyone would say Kalinda is a "weak" woman, but yet she still finds herself a victim in such a relationship. And there's a harmful myth that only weak women end up in these situations, that mentality actually imprisons a lot of women in their situations and adds on to their self-blame which just keeps the cycle going. It can happen to anyone. So I don't know, I might have come around on this storyline a bit.

*The weather is still pretty warm here, but it might rain tomorrow which is a nice thought. The holidays are getting close and they are also depressing to me this year so I'm working really hard to not think about myself!

*Speaking of can you guys let me know if there are any book blogger secret santa exchanges open yet?


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