Monday, November 5, 2012

The Walking Dead 3x04: The Killer Within


That pretty much sums up my feelings on the episode, but I will say I was really genuinely surprised by Lori's death, I never expected them to kill her!! I thought they were trying to rehabilitate her character to the audience. But thinking over the initial episodes they did set it up really well. 1) They talked at length about the birth going wrong 2) There was a ton of discussion about killing someone before they become a zombie, but it was always in really different contexts. This is the first we've had to see it actually happen and it was with the most shocking/saddening combo there could be. Color me impressed, this show IS NOT AFRAID OF TERRIBLE THINGS. 3) Carol practicing the c-section on the zombie was the best foreshadowing of all, I don't know why I didn't think of it then. Probably because I don't really spend a lot of time thinking about predictions for this show, it's much more fun to be unspoiled.

I thought the ending shot with Carl all strong and Rick weeping on the ground was a nice touch. Is it awful that I'm happy I might now get to ship Rick with someone cool?

The death scene was really well done, too? It was quick, and brutal, and awful, but not without poignancy. The flashback of Rick/Carl was a touch cheesy for me, but I think it was a pretty monumental moment for Carl to "put Lori down" so I'll let it slide. (He is so much less annoying this season.)

What in the world are they doing to do with that baby???

Who was that guy in the prison? Are they going to let the prisoners join them now?

Michonne needs to ditch Andrea and just go out on her own. I thought that conversation where Andrea said, "who knows what we might walk into" was heavy with the irony. Oh! Michonne is brilliant by the way, and island is PERFECT.

Is Carol really dead? T-Dog's heroic sacrifice just kind of got overlooked in the overall awfulness of Lori's death.

I'm assuming that Woodbury and Rick's group will meet up at some point?


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