Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Future of Film Club

Hey everyone!

As you may know I host a film club with Carrie. Except for Carrie needs to drop this obligation for a variety of reasons which leaves just me.

Which is fine except that no one else ever watches the movies! For example, this week we were supposed to discuss Perfect Sense and it was only me!

So...I just want to know what everyone thinks. Should I just give it up? Should I change it so we all vote on a movie one month in advance so that people are more likely to watch and participate? Is there anyway I can entice more people to be interested in discussing movies with me?

I know I'm not the best about promoting things. I just hate being all spammy towards you and like DON'T FORGET FILM CLUB! DON'T FORGET FAITH AND FICTION SATURDAY! etc. But I'm also feeling kind of low about low participation/interest in stuff I've done lately.

Anyway, I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas and suggestions and I hope that you'll be honest even if you think it will hurt my feelings.

(PS Getting this post in under the wire...I am so looking forward to freedom from NaBloPoMo!)


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