Saturday, November 10, 2012

Nashville 1x05: Move It On Over (and some other TV stuff)

I love this show you guys. It just makes me feel things and I feel like the relationships and characters were so quickly established with this huge undercurrent of all that's not being said and it just, ugh, it gets to me. Do you love it too? I hope so because the ratings are making me sad and I can't tell if anyone really loves it like I do.

The show is like a country song in some ways, so much heart, so much pain, so much beauty in just the story telling. I'm actually not really a fan of country music, but I do recognize that it has a tendency to tell stories more than other kinds of music do. And I love that there's a deep sense of history to who these people are, and there's a desperation to be different from their parents for so many of them.

Juliette is my favorite character for the simple fact that I find the most interesting conflict in her character. I love that she wants to prove herself and be valued for her songwriting and taken seriously, I love her sense of shame from where she's come from and how much she doesn't want it to reflect on her, and I love that she's also just a young and brash girl in some ways that doesn't always know the right way to act or respond. These are all things that make her journey compelling and poignant to watch.

But as for this episode...I really liked the way putting the past behind you was a theme. I like how for Rayna that meant not getting caught up in Deacon's drama again, for Teddy it meant hiding/burying it, for Deacon it meant letting go of Rayna/bitterness, and for Juliette it meant her mother/all the things that had been happening. (I was lol when she said that reminds me of what a therapist I saw ONCE said)

Things are definitely heating up with Scarlett and Avery, though, and by heating up, I mean reaching a crisis point. I knew Avery was up to no good when he volunteered to play the guitar. I think it's interesting how Avery has been developed in this relationship, though. He's not only jealous of Scarlett's success but he's also possessive. It's interesting. I like that Scarlett is starting to really like her life and embrace her talent and want it and express that to Avery.

The one scene that really...I don't know made me think though was with Juliette and Deacon after he helped get her mother to rehab. I think their relationship is really interesting because I think Juliette is her most vulnerable and real with him in a way she both needs and resents. And when she tried to kiss him as a way of thanking just speaks volumes about the kinds of relationships she's had and her own sense of what she has to offer. I'm glad he shut it down...but I also thought when she was like, "I'll see you when I see you" and they were all, "friends help each other in need" that you know there's more to friendship? It's more than just being there for each other, it's also genuinely taking pleasure in each other's company. I feel like that's something Juliette could really use--a friend who just actually delights in her. I don't know, maybe I was just projecting my own issues on to the show but it made me feel a little sad!

Anyway, I really enjoyed the episode...oh! And also I think it's fantastic that Rayna is writing herself, but I thought it was sooo telling that when she was writing and Teddy came home, he was just like..."Oh I'll leave you to it" Music is obviously an area they DON'T share and an arena of hers where he might feel intimidated. Which makes what she shares with Deacon all that more powerful.

Love the show and I hope it sticks around!

Beauty and the Beast 1x05 Saturn Returns

Aw, I really really liked this episode. This show continues to delight in the handling of Catherine and Vincent and I had allll the Cat/Vincent feelings this episode I won't even lie.

I like how the case was relevant/mirrored what was going on with Catherine and Vincent. I like that Catherine gets to decide whether or not she's willing to take on the burden of his secret life and I like that the show's general point of view on that is that it's up to the other person. I thought Catherine's surprise party with the photo booth was so cute and fun and I definitely want a photo booth at my next surprise party.

I also thought JT and um girl (can't remember her name) were cute and I LOVE that she approached him and asked him out. Also, Tess and Cat couldn't be any cuter, I just find the show really sweet and fun. The ending was sad, but I was thinking wow they are rushing this relationship so YES they need an obstacle like Vincent blacking out and finding himself on top of a bridge. Also Evan can go away now. Bringing a date and then kissing Cat! Good news! The show has been picked up for a full season.

TV News!

The Killing might be back for a third season in some weird Hollywood magic deals kind of way. I approve. I will watch it. I should also get around to watching the Danish version, I don't really understand my hold-up on it.

Speaking of brilliant Danish shows being remade, the American version of The Bridge supposedly started shooting in El Paso this week. I am sooo hopeful they will do it right! And also another show I never watched is getting made for A&E, Those Who Kill. So basically Danish TV is taking over, etc. ;)

For anyone who loved Keri Russell as Felicity her new show comes on in January. The premise is kind of strange, but I'll give it a shot, cast a wide net, etc. Check out the trailer and let me know what you think. About anything.


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