Monday, November 26, 2012

Me Before You Galley Giveaway!

CLARIFICATION! You do not need to read the book in time for the Twitter chat! Jojo will talk about other things as well. The short time of the giveaway is just so that you can have a look at the galley before the chat, not necessarily read it!

Hi everyone!

I'm excited to be participating in this special galley giveaway to promote Jojo Moyes forthcoming, Me Before You and a special Twitter chat on December 6th at 1 PM EST/10 AM PST.

Here is what the book is about:
Louisa Clark (or Lou, as she’s known) lives a life about as big as the tiny English village she calls home. She loves being a waitress and figures she’ll eventually marry Patrick, her longtime boyfriend. When she unexpectedly loses her job, she must scramble to replace the income that her tight-knit family depends on. Out of desperation, she takes a job working for ex-Master of the Universe Will Traynor. Will used to live a life full of high-stakes deals, adventurous vacations, and beautiful women. Now, due to a tragic accident, his life is suddenly restricted beyond his control and he has lost all desire to live.

Will keeps everyone at a distance with his caustic and high-handed attitude. Unlike his family, however, Lou refuses to tiptoe around him and cater to his bad moods. Soon they become exactly what the other needs. Seeing how hopeless Will is about his future, Lou plans a series of adventures (and mis-adventures) to try to convince him that life can be worth living. In turn, Will attempts to persuade Lou that she doesn’t have to confine herself to the small existence she’s settled for so far. As they set about changing each other’s lives, what emerges is a love story that is as complex as it is beautiful.

Sounds great doesn't it? Would you like to receive a galley and consider being part of the Twitter chat? Do you live in the US? (Sorry for all my US only giveaways as of late) If so, please fill out the form below to be entered to win a galley of Me Before You and a 13x13 poster of the cover!

So that you can get the galley in hand before the chat, this giveaway is only open until Thursday November 29th, at which time I will email the winners!


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