Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Sunday Salon and TV Talk

I am sick of summer. I know that some people have it worse, but ugh, I hate the heat! I hate this time of year because the stores can't keep themselves cool, and anyplace that does manage to stay cool is FREEZING. My car feels like it is sitting in an oven at all times and I want to take multiple showers a day.

And I hear that other places are feeling like fall which just makes me jealous because we don't have fall. Pretty much summer stopped being fun when I graduated from high school...once I went to college I always preferred to be at school because my summers were full of working and then once you hit the workforce, summer is just the worst.

Enough of my complaining, though! This week on the reading front I finished the sixth Harry Potter. I can't believe the reread is almost at an end! I probably won't reread the books again for a long while so it's kind of sad, like saying goodbye all over again. I also started Cloud Atlas but so far I'm not sure what's happened because it's a bit of a difficult read. I'm reading that with a few friends as well (all much smarter than me) so you'll be hearing more about it. (once they explain it to me)

Some TV Stuff

I have a lot to say about my shows this week guys, apologies in advance. I already wrote about The Bridge, which was the best thing I did TV wise this past week, but I also have things to say about a couple of the other shows I watch.

Breaking Bad--I wish I liked this show more because whenever I do bother seeking out writing on it, I'm impressed with the kind of show it is. I'm pretty much a casual-to-the-extreme viewer, but this is the sort of show that rewards anyone who cares about it. I just...can't. But last week's episode did have kind of a shocking ending and I really enjoyed reading the reviews of it. I'm sort of surprised there are only three episodes left since I have no idea what the season is building towards. Does anyone else watch this? Do you think the series will end with Walt dying or being imprisoned? Also, Jesse ♥♥♥

The L.A. Complex--I saw someone say this week that none of the couples last very long on this show and it's so true, lol. The only couple I kind of shipped was Connor/Abby for like two seconds at the beginning of the series before they killed it fast. But I kind of like that the show isn't shippy...the relationships end up feeling a bit more real and they can tell stories about how these people have messed up relationships and ruin their lives. Which brings me to Raquel/, holy cow. I think while watching the last two episodes I can actually say I think this is borders on being an abusive relationship, but a gender reversed one, I think Raquel is the abuser. And it makes sense...that Connor would be drawn to her because he both thinks he deserves it and it's what he's used to. Raquel is always the one in a position of power in the relationship, the only time she wasn't was at the very beginning of the show when he was kind of interested in Abby, and it wasn't like she cared that she was losing him, sigh. I also think it's why she flipped out when he was fake dating Jennifer, not because she really cared about seeing her boyfriend with someone else, but because she was no longer in control of the situation. She regularly cuts him down, and I don't know, I guess I see that as being equivalent to the way Connor hurts himself. She does it to release her own pain, self-loathing, etc. I just...never want them to get back together. I did like that Jennifer caught Connor with the teapot, though, I really want him to get help. And I like that she immediately stuck up for him with Raquel.

I also kind of enjoyed Kaldrick's story. I think he's willing to give his dad a second chance, because he needs a second chance himself? Like he knows how one's own personal issues can lead them to really hurt someone they love. I like that angle for the story, because...I don't know something about recognizing the monster within, like that moment when you stop being so self-righteous because you realize you are also capable of things you never thought you would be is something I wish we saw more of. Our world is so lacking in grace and it's so judgmental, I feel like we need to give more room for failure and mistakes and just..grace, sigh. So anyway, lol, I have no idea if that's what I was supposed to take from that story or if I'm just projecting, but there you go.

The threesome story is so goofy, I don't get why Abby is into Brandon, tbh. And Nick and Sabrina...I don't know I guess Sabrina just feels like a second choice so I don't know what I'm supposed to think. And Beth, omg, I don't think I could care any less about her story if I tried. I mean having her casually sleep with a married man is not the way to endear her to me, show.

Awkward (or I hate love triangles)--lol remember how a couple of weeks ago, I was all surprised and like, WHAT IS THIS SHOW DOING? I should have realized that was the moment the show broke. It's sad, too, because I thought last season the love triangle was really well written. I felt like Jenna and Matty each had genuine issues that were keeping them apart and I could see why Jenna found Jake appealing. But all of this season, I felt like she still really liked Matty and so having her decide she was in love with Jake was too much. I mean, okay:

*Jenna and Matty are both lying to Jake about the fact that they were in a relationship previously.
*Jenna really still likes Matty, every episode deals with Jenna's feelings, whatever she thinks she's convinced herself they are, for Matty
*Jake tells Jenna he loves her, and she decides she loves him, too, but waits for the perfect moment to tell him.
*Sadie tells Jake about Matty and Jenna at the exact same moment Jenna is leaving him a voice mail saying she loves him (stupid!)
*Jake doesn't bother to ask Jenna about what Sadie said, but just breaks up with her and doesn't tell her why
*that only happens so that Jenna thinks he broke up with her because she didn't say I love you fast enough. THAT IS THE ONLY REASON. It really doesn't make sense otherwise.
*Jenna goes home, Matty goes to comfort her, Jenna decides she never fell out of love with Matty. They start kissing.
*Meanwhile, Jake listens to the voicemail, regrets his actions, and goes to Jenna's and sees them kissing.

End result: I hate them all. I mean it's just so stupid and contrived, and to be honest a huge disappointment. Everything was just rushed through, I don't know. Maybe the season ends with Jenna dumping both these fools, but that never seems to actually happen, so I don't know. I'll probably finish out the season, I still like the side characters (I actually love Jenna's mom), and it's not like a huge time commitment, but I am officially turning off my brain when I watch.

The Closer Series Finale--a disappointment to be honest! What in the world was the weird camera work on all the fight scenes? ugh pulled me out of the scenes. I'm glad she finally caught Stroh, but all of her decisions felt rushed to me, or...IDK it felt like I could see everything they were doing but it lacked emotional resonance or something...but I did think the last scene was really sweet. I will miss her a lot , though, because...

Major Crimes--felt like just another procedural. I've read some fan reaction, and it's true they can't win in a way...they can't create another Brenda, but Sharon doesn't have the same spark (at least for me) so I don't know...I'll probably watch it for a bit, but I already missed Brenda! It feels weird to see the same place and the same characters and not have her around.

Other Stuff

Carrie and I hammered out the film club schedule for the next year and it is fun. We have chosen some excellent movies, you will thank us for bringing them into your life.

I also really want to thank you all for your comments on my post last week, BBAW will be happening, albeit on a much smaller scale, but we got the banner updated if you check out the site. I'll be making an official announcement this week! We'll see how this goes.

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!


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