Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Sunday Salon

A bit late to the Salon today, but I figured better late than never!

I hope everyone's Sunday has treated them well! I kicked mine off by getting my hair cut, which is a blessed relief, it had gotten quite long again and it's much too hot for that sort of nonsense. It's not that short but it's cute and bouncy again which I like.

Reading wise I've been rereading Harry Potter. I'm now on Goblet of Fire and read the part about the Death Eaters at the Quidditch World Cup the same day as I heard about the theater shooting at The Dark Knight Rises A fictional companion to a real world tragedy. I'm not going to try to say anything about the shooting, but I did like this piece about it.

I'm also going to try to read a few memoirs by Olympians this week for the upcoming Olympics. I'm looking forward to them, and hope they will be a good time for the world.

Sara Zarr revealed the cover for her next book, The Lucy Variations, and I can't wait!


I was so happy The L.A. Complex was back! In the first season finale basically every bad thing ever happened, so I was curious about what they were going to do. Mainly with Kal and Tariq. I thought the scene with Kal and Tariq was pretty good, I mean the thing about the relationship is that, yes it was abusive, but there were all these things at work that made it more tolerable as a story to tell. And one of the things I loved about Tariq's response was that he mentioned how what Kal did didn't just destroy their relationship but also destroyed an essential part of Tariq--his trusting nature. It was heartbreaking :( Kal's attempted suicide at the end makes sense, but I'm hoping he's not actually dead and also that he gets a chance to grow? Otherwise you can just file this away under miserable gay stories. Still, I really think they did a fine job of drawing the war within Kal on screen in a realistic way.

Connor is my favorite and I feel a little guilty for it, but I just feel for him. He's got the pain and self-depricating charm I love. :) I was reading a commentary on tumblr and they were talking about how in the first episode it seemed like he was the normal one and then you learn...oh no! He's actually not! as the show progresses. It's true and and interesting way to explore that idea on a show about Hollywood you know? Anyway....I guess Raquel's baby is his? I mean that's what I was getting from the episode. So it was fascinating to watch her try to normalize him and convince herself that he could be a kind of father and things would work out, all the while his pain is like...writhing at the surface and palpable. I mean that scene on the street where he wanted to buy that book was just, ugh heartbreaking. He wants to be fixed! But he doesn't know how and at present is just continuing to spiral. I wonder how long Connor and Raquel will try to convince themselves that they can make it work. Also...I'm confused about what Raquel is doing about the baby. I would think she'd want to get an abortion as quickly as possible unless finances are the issue? But having the baby...I don't know.

Other than that, I'm sad Sabrina turned so annoying but it's cool Nick got this job. I'm not into the new people yet, especially as I don't like kids on TV shows that much, but maybe it will be okay.


I also finally watched Awkward! I'm fully caught up now and while I liked Season 1 more than Season 2 so far, I still really like it. It's a comedy and wayyyy over the top and very cute.

One of the reasons I decided to keep watching it when I was unimpressed with a few episodes is because I really enjoyed an interview with the creator, especially since she felt challenged by teens by her portrayal of characters of faith. I think the episode that aired this week was supposed to be addressing that, and...I don't know. Even if they made Lissa "nicer" she's still portrayed as less intelligent (which makes sense they can't change her basic characteristics) and I still felt a hint of condescension towards people of faith in the episode.

One of the things it's made me think about a lot, though, is the love triangle. I like the love triangle on the show because I don't think either guy is that horrible. I mean obviously Jake is being written as near perfection, but Matty's blunders feel more forgivable to me somehow, because YES the way he treats her in the beginning is bad, but just like Jenna is growing through the series...learning to accept and like herself, so is Matty. But anyway, I wonder about these love triangles that are written with a "safe" love interest and one who is more dangerous and also more sexually attractive to the girl. I'm not sure I'm entirely comfortable with the idea and the myths it perpetuates.

HGTV Design Star

I did not understand why they eliminated Hilari (I felt like they should have given an explanation) but she'll be in HGTV Design All Stars! I'm pulling for Danielle to win, if she does, it will be the first time since David (first season!!) I liked the winner from the beginning! Sparkle Josh is coming back for HGTV Design All Stars as well which is exciting since he's like....the contestant I remember the most from the show ever.

That's all from me for right now! I hope you are all doing well! Has anyone seen The Dark Knight Rises yet?


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