Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Some Stuff I Wish to Discuss

I hope everyone who celebrates had a cheery 4th of July! I have a few things I'd like to discuss with all of you...

First, The Amazing Spider-Man.

I like Spider-man because...well because my brother liked Spider-man when we were little not because I actually read the comics or anything. I liked the films that came out a few years ago. I was confused by the reboot, but not opposed to it, if I have to be subjected to a steady diet of super hero movies they might as well be ones I like. And I liked this one! I thought it was fun. A lot of it is probably because I'm really charmed by Andrew Garfield, he was also one of my favorite parts about The Social Network. He makes a realllly good Peter Parker, imo! And I also really like Emma Stone, she's so cute and fun and has a lot of on screen charisma. So yes all of that was good. And I enjoyed the new angles they took with the origin story elements, it felt really fresh. It was a wee bit long, but what can you do? There was other stuff I really appreciated about the film, like how strong the family units felt--like these people really loved each other and had genuine affection for one another. And also that Gwen herself was never the damsel in distress. It's a fun movie! I mean it is a super hero movie, which means you have some shallow morality lesson, but it's one I think is worth seeing if you like this sort of thing. Oh one minor complaint is that the two leads definitely did not seem like they were in high school...but I don't know, that was such a small part of the story, who cares, I mean Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone!!!

Anna Karenina

I mentioned wanting to read this* at the beginning of the year after reading Mark O'Connell's thoughts on it in The Millions, but then Carrie was like, IT'S AMAZING BUT I NEEDED INDEX CARDS TO GET KEEP THE CHARACTERS STRAIGHT and like....that killed all of my enthusiasm flat. But the movie trailer looks sweeping and epic and I don't know, another friend vouched for it and I'm sort of itching to read it again. I am not signing up for that readalong that is going on right now, but if I DO read this book does anyone have a recommended translation? Like does it matter? Sometimes I forget how much the translation can matter since I don't read a lot of translated works (for shame). Any Anna K help/advice is greatly appreciated!


I'm seriously considering deleting my Facebook account. I feel like a dinosaur, but I just can't keep up with how they are constantly changing things. I only log in every once in awhile anyway. I never know what to say for an update, I usually only end up liking a lot of statuses and then logging off. Seriously, like when I'm with my family they are always like didn't you see this on Facebook? And I'm like no, I never log in. The only thing that gives me pause is that I might lose contact with a few people forever, and I don't know, it's not like we're IN CONTACT, it's just sort of comforting to get a vague idea that they are still alive and doing things out there in the universe. Has anyone else ever deleted their account? Did you survive or do you regret it...I mean I'm looking for opinions here.

PSA The Closer starts next week on the 9th and it is the last few episodes of the series ever. I am so sad about this because it's like..I don't know I'm losing all the shows that have had longevity in my life. Also, I still just genuinely really enjoy the show, so it's sad to see it end. And the spin-off is not a cure, we all know it.

I await your enlightenment!

*So far I have read zero books on my list, I am so bad at this why do I even try?


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