Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Vampire Diaries 3x22 The Departed


I kind of hated it you guys. Even though we've been predicting Elena's turn around these parts for quite some time, I still didn't like it happening. And there's kind of a lot to unpack on the free will/choice front.

I thought the season was building to both Elena and Bonnie making choices (and no I don't mean about the brothers) and Bonnie definitely did, while Elena's will probably happen in the premiere of next season which I won't be watching But...I don't know it's kind of sad, I feel like these could have been better stories. And at the same time, there's some stuff I did like about it, I don't know.

Bonnie sacrificing Tyler for her mother would have had a lot more emotional resonance if Bonnie and her mother had had...some kind of relationship. And also if Bonnie had seemed like it bothered her that she was just casually using Tyler's body (killing him? I'm not sure) in order to do what she wanted. Like...basically I feel like not enough time was spent on Bonnie's characterization and actions in this episode, in order to preserve the plot twist of rage.

I know one cares about Tyler but me, but can I just say how mad I am at this turn of events? The whole season was about Tyler being under Klaus's control, and not by choice, and then he went and broke free and now Klaus takes over his body....and...I don't know I guess there's some underlying interesting ideas about how one person's free will affects another's but it's not like that is intentional or will ever be fleshed out in interesting ways on the show. I'm just so sad for Tyler. But...I'm hopeful he's not actually dead. Even so, it's a really horrific thing to think about, having the person who controlled your mind, take over your body, and if Caroline doesn't know...well you know where this is going.

Also, this finale felt like one huge farewell to Stefan/Elena. Even though Elena technically chose Stefan, that Damon/Elena flashback and the way Elena described her feelings for Damon + what happens when you become a vampire, all lead me to believe that Elena and Damon are on for real next season. Elena becoming a vampire is like a reset on all of these relationships. Plus, thematically I think that Stefan has represented Elena's more human side, and Damon represents the more supernatural/darker side so it just makes heaps of sense for this to happen. Also, once Elena's life is not constantly in peril* Damon won't always feel like he has to interfere with her choices etc. Also maybe with Tyler out of the picture and Elena dealing with vampireness and Damon, it opens the door for all you who want to see Stefan/Caroline happen! :)

Everyone was manipulating everyone in this episode, though. Even Matt the human drugged Elena! The doctor gave Elena vampire blood! I did like the flashbacks, they were a nice touch. And Alaric is dead, the only one I believe is actually dead in all of this.

Basically the more I think about this finale, the more I dislike it, not so much as an episode itself, but because of the story lines it sets up, though...come to think of it, I don't really like what happened in the episode either. I would have liked to see things resolve differently I guess. Am I alone in feeling this way? I'm not kidding when I say I'm not even sure I'm interested in watching next season. (though, lol, I said this about Gossip Girl last season and now I'm heading into another dreadful finale, smh.)


*once the council knew about the vampires, I KNEW Elena was definitely turning because she has to be relevant to whatever the big threat is.


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