Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Two Year Anniversary of the End of Lost

I know, I know. To be honest, this could have easily passed me by but a reminder popped up on my tumblr dash and it made me reflect back. Did you know I've only the watched the finale once? I'm thinking about watching it again today to finally give myself that closure, lol.

I was in New York City for Book Expo America when the Lost finale aired. We forced everyone to watch and be quiet or kicked them out of our hotel room. Let's be real, I was probably the most intense about it (Natasha joked she was more excited to watch me watch Lost than the finale itself) but it was still fun. I wish I could link to my thoughts on it at the time, but I never recapped it because that week was so busy! I am one of the fans that loved it, though, I didn't care as much that some of the mysteries were resolved unsatisfactorily because I felt like all the characters were treated with respect. I don't think I've felt quite the same fannish zeal for anything since, but I had a lot of fun watching the show and talking about it and probably heaping it with more love and praise than it deserved.

New York City was decked out for the finale, I stayed at Nicole's for awhile and there was a big billboard right outside her window! But Times Square was also ready. These are my really bad pics taken on my crappy Blackberry.

It was really cool, they had a countdown clock and everything!

LOST may have been an imperfect show, but I loved it for giving me characters with rich stories that I could love, for having so many different ideas--big ideas about the world and life, right and wrong, faith and science, what gives value to our existence --to think about. It gave us six seasons of beautiful music, humor, and gorgeous Hawaiian scenery. This piece at the AV Club that was posted over Christmas about my favorite episode of the show, The Constant, sums up beautifully what LOST was about for me (it's a really great read, please read it!):

But if you had to pick one phrase from the show that established its humanist ethos, look no further than Jack’s line to the still-forming group in Season 1: “If we can’t live together… then we’re going to die alone.” It’s a statement not just about those people, but those at home watching the show as well. A glimpse into The Island’s history is filled with settlers that come and seek to either understand or conquer it. All of them fail, as laid out by The Man In Black. “They come. They fight. They destroy. They corrupt. It always ends the same.” Why do the 815ers succeed where others have failed? They don’t entirely succeed, if one looks at the death toll of the show. But it’s less about how they die and more about how they lived that determines their ultimate fate. Desmond doesn’t make amends with Penny on Christmas Eve in “The Constant”; he reaffirms a connection that always existed. In our best moments, we reaffirm that connection as well.

I still and probably always will miss the show. Nothing else like it has come along. LOST was an ambitious show that gave its audience something to think about and a reason to keep watching, and yet it was wrapped up in commercial appeal. I wish someone would have that kind of vision now.

Did you watch the show? Have you come to peace with the ending? What were your favorite LOST moments?


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