Tuesday, May 8, 2012

To Dream the Impossible Dream + Reader Survey

Hi everyone!

Today is my birthday so I thought I would make a list of outlandish birthday wishes...things I know I can't have/no one could afford to give me because it's fun to dream!

Wish #1--Andrew Peterson's new album, Light for the Lost Boy. It's not due to come out until August 21st, but I want it now.

Wish #2--A trip to NYC. It would probably be good if it was around the time of Book Expo America so I could see some of y'all! I don't know if I would attend the convention though, the real reason I want to go is to see the new Evita on Broadway. I loooove Evita, can't help it and even though the reviews haven't been great, this would be a dream trip! But I'd probably also want to tag along for Sleep No More, I know there's a big group going and it sounds like it would be fun. In short, I'd want all the socializing of BEA with the fun NYC sightseeing/cultural experiences I rarely get to do when I'm in New York. (I've been there many times, tbh, but either always on a budget or for some other reason like BEA)

Wish #3--A third season of Nikita. This seems kind of silly, but the show is hitting it out of the park on one of my favorite things in any story right now...the creation of close friendships/family bonds with the people we find along the way. Also, it has such great female characters who drive the bulk of the story lines. It's just so much fun. I like it.

Wish #4--A new book series to fall in love with. See...this one is impossible. Lately I've just been in such a reading drought. And it's absolutely not the books themselves, I know this! I just want some interesting books to read that make me think about things and want to talk about them with others. It's so weird to me in the book world that it can be hard to find that connection over specific books. Everyone is so busy consuming books we rarely spend much time talking about them together. Whenever I host a readalong it seems I pick the worst books as well!

Wish #5--Lower temperatures. It's only May for crying out loud, can we dial it back a bit?

So those are some of my impossible birthday wishes, but I have one that you can help me with! Lately I've been feeling kind of directionless in my blogging and so I have decided to do a reader survey! I write for myself (every TV and film post is evidence of that) but I also enjoy knowing what people want to read about. Would you be willing to fill out this survey for me? It's short and I'm hoping it will help me find some purpose. Thanks so much everyone! I love you!

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