Thursday, May 17, 2012

Checking In

I am in a story drought. It's not just a reading drought, it's an everything drought. TV this year has been so bad (with a few exceptions) and some of it so so bad that I almost question my defense of TV as a story-telling medium. I haven't been able to get past page 3 of a book for ages, and trust me, I know three pages is not really much time to give a book, but it's like...every book I pick up I question why I thought it was a good idea to read in the first place. Even the movies I've watched lately have been uninspiring. I'm basically pinning ALL OF MY HOPES on Code Name Verity and I'm slightly terrified I won't love it like everyone else, but oh internets, I hope I do since almost all of my favorite bookish people do! I'm just slightly nervous because it's always hard to read a much hyped book when your current state of mind is the fear that you will never love a book ever again.

I'm kind of tired of hearing about The Avengers. I thought it was a fun movie, and I enjoyed it, but I'm sort of amazed at just how much discussion can spring up around it. I mean it's almost baffling! Really serious stuff and more lighthearted fannish glee, but I just can' I can't care enough to even think about the movie in those terms at all, it was pure escapist fun. It's making me feel a bit of disconnect with the thinking world around me but also makes me sad because (see above paragraph) I can't remember the last time something just took me by surprise and really excited me in that positive way that made me want to write/think about it. I guess I just feel uninspired.

But wait! There's good news! Beth Kephart is now on Twitter! This is very exciting, because now I can pester her at all times. There are just a few holdouts in my life that I want to get on Twitter.


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