Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Vampire Diaries 3x19: Heart of Darkness (and other Thursday night TV)

This episode was kind of frustrating to me because I felt like all these people that had valid reasons to have certain feelings about things were completely disregarded by the important people in their lives. Also, I knew right away that Esther was possessing Rebekah, so there was no twist there to me. And why was everyone dumping on Rebekah? Ugh. Okay..

Elena and Damon were hot. I thought that scene was well done, I don't care. I mean they put a lot of effort into showing how hard Elena was fighting her attraction to him. The only thing that was just freaking me out the whole time was how Jeremy was around, obviously disapproving, and with COMPLETELY VALID REASONS. Damon killed him. And also it didn't help that we had Caroline, who is supposed to be one of Elena's best friends, telling Tyler in the same episode Elena is sort of giving into her feelings for Damon, that Damon doesn't care if Klaus sired Tyler--he'll kill him anyway. And even that scene where Elena tells Alaric she's going on the road trip and then starts talking about her Stefan/Damon issues was so laughable to me, because she just came across as a teenage girl that's completely self absorbed about her love life. Which, you know, is fine because she IS a teenage girl, it's just that the triangle feels so ridiculous in the emotional weight given to it. And Rose's little speech to Jeremy was so silly. I get what they think they are going for here...Damon=a risk. But like...I don't know that Jeremy deserves a speech like that. And besides sometimes there are things more important than Elena and her love life! And Stefan saying all the stuff he's done to get himself under control doesn't mean anything if Elena has feelings for someone else is annoying, because yes, Stefan there is a reason. You were doing it for yourself! Aargh.

I loved Tyler and Caroline's reunion, but I wasn't surprised Tyler was upset that Caroline hadn't told him about Klaus. He was just away torturing himself basically, to break a bond with Klaus that he didn't want in the first place, and meanwhile Klaus was crushing on Caroline, and she was liking it despite herself. I totally get why she didn't tell him, though. It's just saaaad. Also their relationship still feels so imbalanced to me, it's weird.

Klaus, yawn. Alaric, yawn. I did perk up a little bit with the talk about the darker parts of ourselves happening in the same episode Elena is throwing herself at Damon, since I think Damon is sort of representative of the darker side of Elena that's drawn to the supernatural (and Stefan's love is pure, so...) but I don't know, the triangle is just annoying me so much right now. Like I think there's a solution and it's this--they turn Elena and the three of them live happily ever after. Damon and Stefan will just have to share her, the end.

One thing I actually liked was the Rebekah stuff. How sad it was that Matt tried to tell her he wasn't playing her (even though he was) and how she softened up. And then telling her mom she hadn't really lived right before she possessed (killed?) her. It was sad.

Other TV
Scandal--Against all my better judgment I've been watching this show. Things I like about it=Kerry Washington/Olivia Pope. And that's it. Seriously, but I kind of really love her. But like whyyyy does that girl with the long red hair always have to talk about women being sluts and whores? Why does this story line with the president exist? (I hope I'm not supposed to ship them because I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT) There are like a million other things that bug me (an episode about rape including a sexual harassment joke, sigh) so I don't know. I'm so bored with the state of TV right now that I'll probably keep watching for Kerry but I'll also probably continue to be offended on a weekly basis. It's too bad because I kind of love the concept, and I love how competent and fierce Olivia is. Anyone else watching?

The Secret Circle--I watched tonight since the second Blackwell child was supposed to be revealed. It was kind of predictable, in that they made us think it would be Faye, but it was really Diana. I was hoping it would be Melissa so she could have an interesting story line and give me a reason to watch again. Oh well.

Let me know what you guys thought!


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