Friday, February 17, 2012

The Vampire Diaries 3x15: All My Children

Does this season have a point? The episode tonight kind of bored me. I was surprised Esther was already planning the ritual to kill off her children and correct her mistake so quickly, but hey I guess that makes sense. Kidnapping Elena to get the Salvatore brothers to do what you want also makes sense. The Salvatore brothers not even blinking an eye about turning Bonnie's mother was bothersome but hey that's this show right?

I hope Esther's not really gone because that would be silly. The idea that there's another tree that can kill them kind of made me roll my eyes. Klaus falling out of love with Caroline because she used him happened way too fast, they played that card much too quickly. Meredith shooting Alaric was a nice touch, but I doubt he's really gone.

I guess I thought two scenes were interesting here. The end scene with Bonnie, Elena, and Caroline. Bonnie is always getting hurt due to things that directly involve Elena. And it's not always Elena's fault, but it would be impossible not to resent that you are constantly losing things because of this person in your life, even if you love them. I mean certainly you'd reach a point where you might consider that the best thing for yourself would be to NOT BE AROUND THAT PERSON. I thought originally that Esther's spell might kill off all vampires and I was secretly hoping Elena would be conflicted over almost wanting them to die so she could have her normal life back. But...I think two and a half seasons in I have to face the fact that TVD will never give me a story line that delicious.

I also thought Elena and Rebekah's scene was interesting because I know there's a considerable amount of frustration with Elena's portrayal from viewers. And I thought it was interesting that they used Rebekah to voice what I think is that frustration. But ended up all being about how Rebekah's feelings were hurt. LOL. Oh well. But to be honest, considering how everyone bends over backwards to save Elena's life and don't even feel any remorse over the collateral damage except in how it will affect Elena's view of them, it makes sense others would resent that. And it also makes me consider what Elena is supposed to represent on the show. Humanity? Goodness? I mean even Elijah felt like he had to apologize to her even though if she hadn't lied to him in the first place and made sure he drank that champagne he wouldn't have been in the position to fight for his life.

Anyway, TVD is on a break for awhile, and this was kind of a weak episode to end on. I hope the rest of the season finds some steam because strangely I have absolutely no idea what they are building towards.

In other news, I've decided to give up on The Secret Circle for now, I might go back at some point and watch the rest of the season, but for now no.


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