Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Sunday Salon -- Wasting My Life on Twitter and Other Important Revelations

I can't believe it's the end of the long Thanksgiving weekend already. I am almost done with Christmas shopping, which is nice, though admittedly I'm not buying much of anything this year. The real test will be if I can manage to send Christmas cards out before December 23rd. I am absolutely terrible about that.

I am indulging a little bit, though, I can never resist the Book Blogger's Holiday Swap and had a lot of fun shopping for my Santee. I also signed up for LibraryThing's Santa Thing. It's tradition after all, and I always enjoy seeing what a complete stranger gets for me and it always manages to be something I don't have that's completely perfect. This always feel like a miracle to me, like my own version of a Christmas miracle. Good news! There's still time to sign up if you like this year they are offering different price ranges as well different store options.

Anyway, last night I noticed people tweeting about how much of their life they had spent on twitter and I had to get in on that action. I remember the early days when Twitter felt like a giant chat room and how important it was to be on Twitter at the right time or you'd miss something REALLY REALLY important. It was always awful to hop on Twitter and see the dreaded words, "Let's take this to email" because you knew you had missed out on the latest project or event that would CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Or that's what it felt like anyway. I feel so differently about everything these days! Anyway, here's the verdict:

Um, that's a lot of time. But I don't feel bad okay? Obviously I was imparting great wisdom and valuable truths with those tweets. The world would be a dimmer place without my 48,200 tweets. Seriously though I wish someone could tell me how many of those were "LOL"

In other news that everyone else in the world was talking about weeks ago, I realized I never posted about my love for The Hunger Games trailer! I love it! I think they did a great job of showing all the characters and setting the stage for the actual games. Also, Team Peeta for life.

TV this week

You guys Revenge is getting boring. I have to force myself to concentrate and I'm not really sure it's worth it. I have serious concentration problems as you may know, I blame those 48,200 tweets and I'm not even kidding. But seriously I just watched this today and I already forgot what happened.

American Horror Story continues to be unbelievably horrific and yet I'm still watching. The thing is that I don't get bored during it. It's hard to be bored when you're being offended or grossed out every minute. Just kidding, but I do really want to know how this whole story works together.

Gossip Girl (that show I still watch that I'm pretty sure none of you do) had a competent writer this past week, the problem is that I don't understand why they have Blair pregnant and getting married to a Prince when they had a great and interesting story line in Dan and Blair that they just....killed? Put on the backburner? Decided to stretch out beyond belief? Time will tell.

Also I caught up on The Walking Dead last week and omg I love it so much. So I have to admit I was surprised to see that most people are complaining about it. Some are complaining for reasons that are way over my head (i.e. the consistency of the way the characters are written, I haven't really noticed a huge lack of consistency), I think some complaints are due to the fact that it's differing from the comics more and more, and also I see a lot of people complain there aren't enough zombies. Not enough zombies is definitely not my complaint since I think the actual human drama is far more interesting and well the entire reason I enjoy apocalyptic stuff. I don't know I just thought an interesting variety of moral situations were raised and also the number one most important thing--I don't get bored.

And finally that leads me to my new found love for Parks and Recreation. Yes I'm SUPER late to this party but that's what Netflix and friends are for. :) I definitely never get bored, I laugh a lot, and aw, I just love it. I'm just now watching on Netflix and have to admit it's hard to have self restraint. So thanks to Jenny and anyone else who ever mentioned the show.


Fancy that, in a Sunday Salon post, I'm going to talk about books. I only read one book this week. I did get some 2012 books in the mail and I started reading one of them, and I really liked the insights of the character, but I wish I could tell more clearly if there was going to be a plot. Also I am so behind in my own readalong, waaah. And yet I'm still planning to do a few more next year because I will never get over how fun the Gone with the Wind and Lonesome Dove readalongs were. The good news is that Winter's Tale has stuck with me in interesting ways, the scenes playing out in my mind again at odd times.

How about all of you? How's your holiday shopping going? Reading? TV? Tell me everything! I'm nosy.


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