Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Sunday Salon -- I Have No Title

Friends! It is cool and chilly here! And there's been rain! And yesterday I went shopping and it was a lot of fun and I bought Christmas presents!

I decided I love November best of all, in between Halloween and Christmas, without Christmas being EVERYWHERE yet. (It's also kind of sad and melancholy which I like even though I don't actually like feeling sad, there's just something about November.)

So on the heels of Google Reader screwing us all over by changing everything that was good about it, Twitter decided we care about the mundane aspects of everyone's Twitter existence. HOW WRONG COULD THEY BE? Dear Twitter, I DO NOT CARE when someone adds someone to a list or favorites a tweet, or starts following someone else. Do you not understand a single thing about what made Twitter good? Sigh.

But, I have been trying to get used to the new Google Reader and found some amazing posts of course, which I couldn't just share (forever bitter) so who knows maybe I can do this linking thing again.

First of all, Jenny is watching The Vampire Diaries, yay! Jenny is like one of my favorite books and TV fans ever and well also one of my favorite bloggers--I love the way she writes so THIS IS EXCITING! You all should be watching, too!

Speaking of favorite bloggers, Julie Clawson might be my actual favorite blogger. I love reading what she writes because she makes me think of things in a totally different way. Like, I'm going along in life thinking about things one way and she tilts my perspective and suddenly I feel like as if I'm seeing know, a thing resounds when it rings true ringing all the bells inside of you?* That's how I feel when I read her stuff. I promise I am not idolizing her! I'm sure she's often wrong, too. :)

Anyway, she had this gorgeous post the other day here's part of it:

It is in our nature to trivialize the other. To redefine what is precious to others according to our point of view. So what is home to someone becomes nowhere under a certain gaze. It is this tendency to redefine the other or the space of the other in light of our own image or interests that shaped the entire westward expansion of the American nation. If the land was redefined as wilderness or frontier – a wild space that needed to be tamed by those with the science and skills to do so – as opposed to being someone else’s home, then it was not only permissible but our duty to claim that nowhere as our own.......

Jodie, being the awesome person she continues to be, made her own fantasy speedway team of fictional female characters in response to Scholastic's fantasy football team that included only one female. Also that is Lady Business, please tell me you all are reading there. I mean it's Ana, Jodie, and Renay!


So...The Vampire Diaries. I guess I enjoyed the last two episodes, but I don't have a lot to say about them really. I am enjoying Stefan so much this season and I kind of loved him this last episode. Elena did not really say she cares too much right? LOL. Forwood made me so so so sad. But my call two weeks ago that it's more of a friend with benefits situation for Caroline turned out to be right--she simply doesn't care for him the way he cares for her. I actually feel a lot of sympathy for Tyler right now, because his friends all expect him to act a certain way, have made no effort to understand his unique circumstances, and so Rebekah is basically taking care of him. Oh well I guess Klaus is back. I'm a little worried they are going to kill Tyler off though, sigh. I loved Stefan stealing the coffins so much, though! And yay for Katherine still being around. But sad we have to wait until January for the next ep!

I'm behind on The Secret Circle, so I'll have to catch up on that later. I'm also behind on The Walking Dead but hope to marathon it soon.

I have been so pleasantly surprised by how strong the first two episodes of Bones were this season. I was so close to dumping the show, but I thought I would give the premiere a shot and it was genuinely funny. I do think they sill make Temperance look a bit more clueless than she has to make Booth look better, which I hate. But the introduction of the new intern, Finn, reminded me just how great this show is at characterization, especially for a procedural, they are just so well defined.

And um, okay this other show I'm watching, American Horror Story. First of all, this is a dark and twisted show and everyone assures me Ryan Murphy's shows always go off the rails, but I HAVE BEEN SUCKED IN DESPITE MYSELF. I mean, I read the scathing reviews, I heard people caution against it, I know Glee is a huge mess right now and so this high concept show would probably fail, and then I watched the pilot. I was really disgusted and disturbed by it, but I could not stop thinking about it, ugh and so I'm still watching. And there's some great acting and some genuinely spooky stuff, but yeah I feel like I have to wash my soul after it. Is anyone else watching this? Please help me feel better about myself. :)

Happy Sunday everyone and Happy November!

*Andrew Peterson, of course


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