Thursday, November 24, 2011

3 TV Characters I'm Thankful Not to Be

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate! As someone who loves escaping into a good story I was realizing how thankful I am not to actually be living in certain TV shows. Here are three characters I'm really glad I'm not. Spoilers for current seasons of all of these shows.

Elena Gilbert in The Vampire Diaries
Admittedly Elena drives me crazy so that's one reason. But the bigger reason is that her blood is precious and needed by bad vamp/werewolf hybrid Klaus. Also, she tends to fall in love with vampires who are over 100 years old and have serious issues with feelings and blood lust. And people she loves die all the time. So basically being Elena kind of sucks. ha ha.

Lori Grimes of The Walking Dead
I cannot imagine being pregnant during the zombie apocalypse. Seriously it is the worst thing I can imagine. No doctor care, no guarantee of good food, slowing down in general and not being able to take care of yourself in quite the same way, not to mention having to worry about bringing a new child into such a terrible world. And then there are all these other reasons it would be terrible to be Lori, her son was shot and barely survived, she thought her husband was dead and so she started a relationship with his best friend and now they are all in the same band of survivors and it's super awkward (also I LOVE Rick so much his reaction to that news was soooo. great) So yeah I'm REALLY REALLY glad I'm not Lori and pregnant during the zombie apocalypse.

Vivian Harmon in American Horror Story
She has the worst husband ever, she's pregnant with the devil's twins, she lives in the creepiest house ever where she was a victim of a violent crime and she still has to live there with the world's worst neighbors and ghosts all around and that pregnancy makes her want to eat brains....I mean really her life IS TERRIBLE.

So basically my life might be difficult, but I don't have to deal with vampires, zombies, or ghosts. I mean really things are pretty smooth sailing for me.

And of course.......I'm thankful for all of you. I hope your holiday weekend is full of all the very best things in your life!


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