Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Vampire Diaries 3x03 "The End of the Affair and The Secret Circle 1x03 "Loner"

So last week I whined that The Vampire Diaries was getting boring and I needed more Caroline and Katherine. The show didn't exactly deliver on that front though they did give me a tease of Katherine, but it gave me a story I can be interested in which I guess the most important thing.

So last week, Caroline's father locked her up in the dungeon. What unfolded tonight is one of the more obvious use of metaphor I've seen on the show as her father tortured her to try to get her to control her blood urges and fix her. The dialogue spelled it out for us as Caroline begged her father and told him she could control the urges but she could not be fixed. Pairing this with Tyler's mother and her immediate acceptance of him when she realized her son was a monster last week, I think this was the show's way of loosely addressing the different ways a family, especially a conservative family that has been taught one thing for generations, might deal with a child who is GLBTQ. It was nicely done though, you could feel Caroline's pain at her father's rejection. It wasn't exactly like she hated him, she mourned that he hated her. And I love that her mother was there for her when push came to shove, and of course Tyler. ♥

Stefan and Klaus went to Chicago because apparently Chicago had the answers, I can't remember, but we learned that once upon a time Klaus and Stefan were friends. They were not only friends but brothers. And Stefan even told Klaus (with a slight nod to the Caroline story going on) that he wasn't an abomination like his family said, he was a king! But here's the deal. I actually really enjoyed this story. It felt like all the old vampire tales of old I have loved. Vampires ruling the town, loving each other, being cruel, etc. I don't know go ahead and judge me if you like. Stefan was in love with Klaus's sister, and they went around doing revolting things like making this guy drink his wife's blood when he wasn't a vampire. Until it all ended and Klaus compelled Stefan to forget, Rebekah--Klaus's sister, wanted to wait for Stefan so Klaus put her in the ground.

Elena was still determined to go rescue Stefan so she and Damon headed off to Chicago where Damon, not the brightest bulb in the bunch, left Elena alone while he went off to do something...oh yeah find a witch for something. So Elena was left alone in Stefan's old apartment which was untouched after 90 years or whatever (lol) and Klaus and Stefan showed up. There was a tense moment where we thought Klaus might discover Elena but whew he didn't Stefan covered for her. I thought Klaus had a better sense of smell than that though.

Anyway, Damon and Elena plan an attempt to grab Stefan and Stefan tells Elena it's over that part of his life is over he's never coming back. And guess what? Two seasons in and I finally feel like Stefan's story holds real interest for me. I can feel his conflict and knowing this history with Klaus and his sister has created feelings inside of me for his character. I don't know I was just really interested in this story and it might be because the scope is bigger they aren't stuck in Mystic Falls and there's all kinds of history. Part of me thinks they really failed in creating a truly compelling and interesting backstory for Damon and Stefan and they are now backtracking and trying to do that. Whatever!

Damon and Elena are not working for me. Damon is getting on my nerves a little bit, and I have to admit it might be some leftover scarring from Gossip Girl, but when he was teasing Elena at the beginning of the episode I wanted to throw something at him. When he didn't let her vent about leaving her alone in the apartment I thought...well you know sorry would have worked, instead of "I've had an hour to think about what a bad idea it was."

No boring Jeremy storyline! No Matt! Pluses for sure. Overall, I really liked this episode, now it just remains to be seen if the show can carry the momentum forward.

The Secret Circle

I really enjoyed this episode, too, actually much more than I expected than to. After binding the circle last week the witches have no power on their own, they must be together. Faye is pissed naturally. Cassie just wants to be left alone because every time she gets close to Adam their chemistry is off the charts. Nick and Melissa are still sleeping together but Melissa wants it to be something more.

So there's this guy..I already forgot his name, who recognizes Cassie and realizes that the circle's been bound and he decides to kill one of them to break the bond. So we get to see the kids work together to stop him and we also learn a little bit of history.

Things I liked!
--Melissa. I thought the way this story unfolded was interesting, Melissa likes Nick but realizes that sleeping with him when she has feelings for him is devaluing herself. So she asks him to the dance and he's like, no. Later Melissa says she's going to the dance because she wants to, Faye puts her down for wanting to go and says that unlike, Melissa, she likes herself. Later when Nick shows up at the dance he confronts her and asks if she likes being dumped on because that's all he does to her. Faye tells Nick off a little later so when Melissa turns him down that night, he suggests they just hang out. I hope/expect this to be a continuing issue--Melissa and her self-esteem, sense of self worth, etc. Every other girl has such a clearly defined role, Diana is the good one, Faye is the bad girl, Cassie is the special one, so it makes sense that Melissa would get a bit lost in all of that. I feel for her character already. I'm curious to see how they continue to work out the dynamics of the Nick and Melissa relationship.

--Cassie and Adam. I can't help it! Their tortured looks and draw to each other pulls me in. I also looove that Diana is still reaching out to and being good friends with Cassie and not acting like she's not aware of Adam's attraction to Cassie. If properly developed this will be a wonderful and delicious angsty triangle!

--Faye. Love her. That is all.

Sooo...are you guys still watching? What did you think?

Other Random TV Things

Still enjoying Revenge! This second episode was a bit slower but it looks like it picks up next week.

Breaking Bad's last episode was amazing. That ending was unbelievable.

Carlton Cuse and Rob Bell are writing a show together? This is like...I don't know a huge shock to me. Carlton Cuse of LOST fame and Rob Bell of Love Wins and Mars Hill fame. The best part of all of this is that it's a show with spiritual overtones. There's such a lack of this in TV and film media that I can't help but have huge hope. I'm sure it will be crushed but hey, this is interesting.


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