Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Vampire Diaries 3x02 "The Hybrid" and The Secret Circle 1x02--"Bound" Discussion

Oh The Vampire Diaries, you are slowing down already? To be honest, friends, I found this episode dull and I can already see the problems I'm going to have with this season. Shall we discuss?

Problem one is always not enough Caroline. Even with her minimal presence, though, Tyler and Caroline's story is at the moment the only thing I'm really interested in. I like both characters, I've enjoyed their story up to this point so watching Tyler deal with his mother was interesting. And what a mom, aw! Caroline's dad showing up was interesting, I guess, and it's interesting they've chosen to end both of their first episodes on Caroline cliffhangers because she's the only interesting one.

Elena is right back to annoying me. I'm not exactly sure if we're supposed to see her constant death wish as a virtue, but I don't. In fact, Elena's constant decision making on behalf of other people and which lives have value, for example when she wouldn't let Damon kill Caroline (for which I am thankful but it was still like goddess Elena speaks and whatever she says is the RIGHT thing to do) should somehow see some more consequences. So I was glad Jeremy referenced being compelled. I just hope Jeremy isn't the only one who suffers for it. Jeremy and Matt's scenes, sorry to say, also bored me because I stopped caring about Matt sometime early in season 2. But at least the haunting finally got a little interesting there towards the end.

Damon, Elena, and Alaric in the woods--not even worth talking about.

Evil Stefan is not working for me. He seems so lifeless. It's not the same as Angelus because Angelus was actively evil, taunting Buffy, and not himself. Stefan is like..going through the motions? Which makes me end up liking Klaus in their shared scenes a lot more. Klaus is just plain evil. I did feel bad for all those werewolves though. Which might be the first time ever I was pro-werewolf over vampires in any story!

And that Damon and Elena scene at the end was an interesting choice. Does anyone see an actual relationship working between them? He obviously knows he holds some power over her (for whatever reason) and is going to use that over just being, I don't know a nice supportive friend. Oh well.

So all in all, I was unimpressed with this episode. I reeeeally don't want The Vampire Diaries to go downhill as it's generally a fluffy fun hour of television that I always look forward to but at the moment I'm just not feeling it. My prescription? More Caroline and more Katherine please!

So can Klaus not make hybrids since Elena is not really dead? What's the deal here? And what does Vicky want from Jeremy?

The Secret Circle

This was also a bit slow but I'm okay with that since there are obvious things the show has to get accomplished to set up the story. They are definitely doing overkill on the Adam and Cassie are connected element, but to be fair they sort of have to. In the book they could see an actual silver cord between them that alerted them to the fact they were soulmates, lol. I'm glad the show isn't doing that.

Sooo...I felt for Melissa even though sleeping with Nick was obviously a poor choice. I hope we get to know her a little bit better in upcoming episodes a someone besides Faye's sidekick.

I know I chatted with a bunch of you last week that thought Phoebe Tonkin was overacting as Faye but for some reason I find her really appealing and I enjoyed all her scenes. Her American accent is pretty bad, though. Cassie going from "I want nothing to do with you" to "let's bind the circle" was pretty funny, too.

Diana wants them to bind the circle because she happened to find her family's spell book which of course we know was a set-up. The parents had their magic stripped from them, but can still draw from the power of crystals. Faye's mother is the real one running the show, not Diana's father...all interesting enough developments.

I guess what I liked best about this episode was how these kids seemed like stupid teenagers...Faye was all big talk until she killed someone and the scene between her and her mother was actually kind of nice. Diana's confession, "because I'm insecure and I love you" was perfection and I expect this to be a very messy triangle. And the rash decision to bind the circle because they're scared, even though they don't know what it entails, really, was also realistic to me. I think this show has potential!

Your thoughts?


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