Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Vampire Diaries 3x01 and The Secret Circle Pilot: Discussion!

It might be a bit ambitious to recap both of these shows but what a delicious night of TV! I'm pretty sure that Thursdays will be my favorite night of TV.

So since I'm already behind let's get started. The Vampire Diaries ended last season with Stefan essentially sacrificing all the that he'd worked for to save Damon's life. He pretty much chose Damon over Elena. Meanwhile, Elena told Damon some stuff that was obviously not true because she thought he was dying, like that she loved him just the way he was even though just a few days before he'd force fed her vampire blood. What's a little death amongst friends? Caroline and Matt broke up and Bonnie revived Jeremy only to have him see the ghosts of his dead girlfriends.

The Vampire Diaries returned to much fanfare on the CW and the first episode back was solid if not exciting. Caroline threw a huge birthday party for Elena, Elena was trying to find Stefan, Damon was doing a better job of it but not telling her since finding Stefan revealed how many people he'd killed along the way. Stefan and Klaus went and tormented that kid who played Simon on Seventh Heaven who happens to be a werewolf because Klaus wants to build an army of werewolf/vampire hybrids...because...doesn't everyone want one of those? Klaus is not my favorite but I don't hate him either, there's something about Joseph Morgan I find endearing and he actually made me laugh a little bit. Stefan seemed so dead the whole episode that if they don't let him have some personality or emotions while he's evil this season will be a drag.

But...I guess that he hasn't really fully gone to the dark side since he called Elena in that touching season. The way she knew it was him and just what to say was lovely and touching. I think I'll be pulling for them this season just because the tragedy of it all is too much for me to resist. (Don't hate me Damon/Elena fans)

I'm a little bit disappointed that they've decided to go ahead and put Forwood together at this point. (Tyler/Caroline) because I enjoyed the pace of the relationship previously. But obviously they have a story they want to tell there and that was one hot scene, let's not lie. They are still adorable and beautiful together and I just hope the show doesn't make me mad.

My favorite dynamic on the show is the Salvatore brothers..I loooove them. So I'll be interested to see how things play out. Damon seems to have given up (GEE THANKS DAMON) and Stefan will be succumbing to the dark side at any moment. I hated how he killed Andie, though. :( Sad times.

And what was up with Tyler's mom attacking Caroline? Oh TVD what are you going to do to me this season?

The Secret Circle

So look, I liked this pilot. It had enough of the flavor of what I loved about the books once upon a time and set up a strong mystery IMO. I'm really looking forward to the further development of the characters, because I think the show is really going to aim to make them more grey than black and white good or bad. I personally like that it's a strong girl cast, that there's a huge back mystery, a tortured love triangle, kids with powers. It's marvelously paired with The Vampire Diaries and I imagine I'll be eager for the show every week.

Did anyone else love it? Impressions of the characters so far?


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