Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Lots of stuff is happening, friends, out there in that world that involves people I love and think are awesome and stuff I love and all of that.


Slugs and Bugs and Lullabies is the most adorable series of catchy kids songs that adults won't want to kill themselves when listening to. Some of the stuff is really funny, such as the "Camel Song", some is sweet, but when even I enjoy listening to it--can't be all bad right? They are working on the third album and it's Kickstarter backed project which means you can play an active role! Whee! (btw this is Christian music and while not every song is GOD LOVES YOU, it certainly has its place)

Also like EVERYONE I like is now making their CD on Kickstarter it's amazing.

Sara Groves has her new CD available for a limited time. I love her ridiculously, like RIDICULOUSLY. I downloaded the album last night but I haven't had a lot of time to listen to it, but she's the kind of artist that produces thoughtful, introspective, and challenging music. Her songs have been a lifeline to me at times and some of them are just so amazingly beautiful to me. Again, Christian music, so consider yourself forewarned. :)

The Hunger Games!!! movie released a short teaser which is essentially nothing and severely lacking in Peeta, but they haven't finished filming yet, so I was surprised they were releasing any footage at all! Check it out, though, and get excited.

Lenore interviewed herself for Dystopian August which you can read on her site. She talks about her influences for Level Two her own book coming out next year.

Courtney Summers announced her next book, This is Not a Test, is about zombies. Seriously I could not be more excited, imagine her intensity but with zombies! This book is gonna rock. Read all the details on her site.

Yes friends it's THAT time of year! I'm so excited. I've been reading faith driven fiction almost exclusively for months it will be nice to read the SPOOKY stuff. R.I.P. is Carl's annual challenge and still one of my favorite things about the book blogosphere. Read all the details and join in. There's all kinds of fun things happening with it this year.

Beth Kephart has received some of her first endorsements for Small Damages and wow.

So that's just some of the news in the world. What news should I know about?


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